Epson L3151 Printer Review

Epson L3151 is a definitive multi-functional printer, with extraordinary functionalities.

In this post, we are going to have a look at the performance of the Epson L3151 printer and try to have its detailed review. This review intends to clear the air for those who are still wondering whether to buy it or not or what makes it different from others.

Epson L3151 Printer Spec Sheet

        Epson L3151
FeaturesEpson l4160
TypeInk Tank
FunctionsPrint, Scan and Copy
Page Yield (Black/Colour)7,500 Colour
4,500 Black-and-white
Cost Per Print7 paise (Black)
18 paise (Colour)
Print Speed (Black/Colour)Up to 10 ipm for Black
5.0 ipm for Colour
Duplex PrintingManual Only
Paper Tray Capacity100 sheets
Duty Cycle300-500 Prints/Month
OSWindows XP or higher
Mac OS X 10.6.8 or later
Maximum Print Resolution5760 x 1440 dpi
WarrantyUp to 1 years or 30,000 prints

Many of you who already have an inkjet printer is well aware of its performance. The fact is that regular printers have poor print quality, and more often have an issue of shortage of ink after printing 200 or more pages. Plus, how often have you heard of problems on the possibility of ink evaporating. Moreover, even if such problems occur, most of the time, you have to keep printing to guarantee the appropriate working of the printer. Additionally, these printers have costly cartridges that have a very low page yield and are also incredibly hard to refill.

However, with the recent developments, inkjet printers are now getting less preference, and the new generation Ink Tank printers are gaining its full acceptance. These printers are designed to print with an external ink repository, which makes printing less expensive than any conventional inkjet printers.

To give individuals access to printing, Epson has propelled economical printing with its Epson EcoTank L3151 printer. Epson aims to cut down expenses and raise the efficiency of offering high-quality printing.

Epson L3151 ecotank ink tank printer Review

Epson L3151 Printer Review

The original charm of Epson Eco Tank L3151 is its cost per print. If you print more often, then the EcoTank is the ideal fit for you. Thus it makes it an ideal printing answer for every day or substantial use for home and small workplaces. Let’s look into other details on its features.

Print and Copy Features

Print Features

Epson EcoTank L3151 printer is equipped with a standard tape input plate. The printer supports A4, A5, A6, B5, C6, DL paper sizes. The monthly recommended usage is 300-600 prints. L3151 has a paper tray capacity of 100 sheets, and the printer has a page yield of 4,500 black-and-white and 7,500 colour pages. This depicts its print speed to be 10 ipm and 5.0 ipm for black and colour prints, respectively.

The printer has a manual duplex printing feature. The printing cost is as low as 7 paise and 18 paise for black and colour prints, respectively. The printer also comes with a print resolution of 5760 x 1440 dpi, which guarantees you get bright and non-pixelated prints.

Scan Features

The Epson L3151 printer also comes with a flatbed scanner with a maximum supported resolution of 1200 x 2400 dpi. However, it does not support ADF features. The printer scanning speed in 200 dpi mode is as per the following:

  • Black & White Scans: Takes up to 11 Seconds
  • Colour scans: Takes up to 28 Seconds

Ink Tank Features

Epson L3151 EcoTank Printer Ink Bottles

The Epson L3151 uses dye-based ink. As mentioned earlier, the ink tank printer is pretty much different and far much better compared with the inkjet printers, which have expensive cartridges. The ink tank for the L3151 refills at approximately half of the price of a conventional inkjet, which makes it more affordable and efficient. The tank is integrated with the body and its spill-free. It comes with specific bottles that are designed with nozzles specially designated to enable perfect refilling.

Although we can find cheaper ink from third-party sellers, it is highly recommended to buy original ink from the manufacturer. This will improve print quality and increase printer life.

Wireless Connectivity

Unlike many conventional inkjet pointers, Eco Tank L3151 additionally delivers the convenience of connecting wirelessly to your laptop or smart devices. The printer has a Wi-Fi button that supports wireless connectivity. This wireless connectivity feature comes as an added advantage to the printer as users can print from their smart devices easily right from the comfort of their office desks. Also, the Eco Tank L3151 Supports Google Cloud as the only third-party mobile app.

UI Features and OS Support

Unfortunately, the L3151 EcoTank printer comes with no display whatsoever. This seems to be the only major demerit of the printer since users are unable to keep track of the print progress. Besides this, the printer supports windows XP or even higher together with Mac OS X10.6.8.

Epson L3151 Printer Pros and Cons

  • High page yield
  • WiFi available
  • High print speed
  • No display
  • Not compatible with AirPrint
  • Recommended to use at least once a week


If you need a printer that is economical and efficient, then your decision to opt for Epson Eco Tank L3151 is worth and right. This printer stands out as one of the most efficient printers you can get in the market, offering many benefits.

It has a multi-functional ink tank and can be considered as a game-changer for all printing issues in your home and office. The features are unquestionably outstanding and define the solution to all kinds of printing problems, and many experts highly recommend this printer for its affordability and efficiency.

John M

I love computer devices of all kinds! I am particularly interested in productivity devices such as printers. I remember my first printer back in 2008, which was an awesome experience for me. I learned a lot of things after that experience. I intend to share my experience through this blog. That way I can make others understand the nuances and help them to make the right purchase decision.

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  1. Prashanth

    What is the difference between L3150 and L3151 printers?

    1. John M

      Hi Prashanth,

      Both of these printers have the same hardware, but slightly different software (firmware). This latest firmware might improve print efficiency. Apart from that difference, both of these printers are the same.

  2. Prashanth

    Thanks a lot for your feedback.

  3. Sumit

    Hello John,
    I want to buy an all in one printer and confused between Epson L3152/51 and HP 415. My budget is @ ₹15000/- . My priority is it should have good Photo printing quality and product reliability.
    General purpose of use as below
    1) For printing Photos (not for business)
    2) For School Project
    3) For general purpose home use

    Please suggest a good quality all in one printer


  4. Volt

    You mention in your review – quote : Recommended to use at least once a week

    Does this mean Epson’s heads could be clogged or blocked if not frequently used?


  5. Theresa

    I have the same question as Volt. I plan to be away for several months and I was wondering how I can prevent the heads from clogging while not in use. Thank you.


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