HP 316 AiO Ink Tank Printer Review

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HP 316 INK TANK printer review

If you are looking for an all-inclusive printer that could print up to 8000 pages with a single fill, then HP 316 Printer is the best choice for you. Inkjet printers are better than laser printers, but most users face the problem that the inks need to be refilled after printing some pages.

This makes printing not-so-economical, and the process becomes complicated when the refill is needed again. HP 316 inkjet printer solves this problem for you with its latest ink tank technology.

HP 316 Printer is optimized to solve your problems by providing printing, scanning and copying features in one place. Also, it can serve as an excellent device for printing in bulk. Further unique features of this printer have been listed in this HP 316 Printer review.

Features     HP 316
HP inktank printer 316
FunctionalityMultifunction Printer
ConnectivityUSB 2.0
Page Yield6000 Prints (B/W)
8000 Prints (Colour)
Ink Cost~2000 Rs
Cost Per Print10p (B/W)
18p (Colour)
Ideal UserHome, Small businesses
OS SupportWindows 7 or higher
ADFNot Available
Duplex PrintingManual
Maximum Print Resolution4800 x 1200 dpi
Duty Cycle400 to 800
Paper Tray Capacity60
Paper supportedUpto 300 GSM
SD Card ReaderNo
Warranty1 Year or 30,000 prints
PriceNo products found.

HP 316 Ink Tank Printer Review

Print, Copy and Scan Features

HP 316 ink tank printer is a multipurpose device. It can print, copy and scan at the same time. It is the best device for students and office use because of its all in one functions and exceptional colour output.

Moreover, its tank capacity and ability to print several thousand pages with a single refill make it the most suitable casual printing service device. Some of its printing, copy and scan features are briefly described below.

Print Features

HP 316 Thermal inkjet printer is a manual duplex colour printer that can print about 8000 pages of coloured prints in a one-time refill. This device also supports black ink prints, and it can print approximately 7500 pages in one ink fill. It is a fast printer because it can print eight black and five coloured pages per minute.

HP 316 is an affordable and highly efficient device that can print two sides of the page, and it’s print media size is Letter, A4, A6 and Digital print.

HP 316 inkjet printer gives high resolution 4800 x 1200 dpi print result, and it can 25 sheets in the output tray and 25 sheets in the input tray. If you want affordable printing, then HP 316 Printer is the best option for you; it can print one page with black print in 10 paise and one page coloured print in 20 paise only. Its printing quality is better than other brands too.

Scan Features

HP 316 inkjet printer has a flatbed scanner with Contact Image Sensor. This is an advantage for the user that it allows scanning several documents at a time. Due to the presence of a flatbed scanner, HP 316 saves your time. It can scan an A4 sized page in just 21 seconds and saves your precious time.

It can scan up to 1200 x 1200 dpi easily. Scan results of this printer are better than other printers of this category.

Copy Features

HP 316 inkjet printer allows fast copy option too. With the incredible speed of copying two coloured copies per minute and six black copies per minute, it is a great device that can be used for copying too. Copy features are not available in many printers, but it is the most significant advantage of the HP 316 inkjet printer.

Ink Tank Features

HP 316 Printer has four cartridges (ink tanks); it can hold one black ink and three coloured bottles. Black Original Ink Bottle, Cyan Original Ink Bottle, Magenta Original Ink Bottle and Yellow Original Ink Bottle are the dyes for HP 316 Printer.

These bottles are spill-free and resealable too that saves the inks from getting dried. These links are available from the manufactures that are ideally optimized for use in this printer.

Conventional cartridges require a refill after printing some pages, but HP 316 Printer has an ink tank that requires refill after printing 6000 to 7000 pages. Additionally, it gives better printing quality than cartridges. Users must buy HP 316 ink from original sellers rather than third parties because original cartridges are better than compatible printer inks.

One advantage of the transparent ink tank in the HP 316 printer is that it allows printing without getting worried that your ink supply could run out anytime. You can look at the level of ink and print with confidence. Ink levels are monitored in this printer, and you can print maximum pages using little supply of ink.

The documents that you print with this HP manufactured ink last 22 times more than the ordinary ones.

Wireless Connectivity Features

HP 316 printer has many features, but it lacks a wireless connectivity feature. It cannot be connected to any device via Bluetooth or WiFi. It only supports a USB because it has one high speed 2.0 USB port. HP 316 provides no storage device or digital print support that may be counted as its disadvantage.

You can only connect that printer to a computer or laptop for printing your documents. Other than the lack of wireless connectivity, all the features make HP 316 an ideal device to use.

UI Features and OS Support

HP 316 printer supports window 10, Window Vista, Window 8 and Window XP operating systems. It has an LED display too, and it supports almost all types of Window Operating system and the Macintosh operating system. It displays on the LED that document is printable or not.

It has less user interference, but it is a great device to have. Because of its multipurpose features and high-speed printing, it is best for home and office usage.

Pros and Cons

  • Budget friendly price
  • Supported in all major OSs
  • All-in-One Printer
  • No ADF
  • Moderate print cost
  • No WiFi

Check Current Price:   No products found.


Many features and specifications of the HP 316 printer have been described in the article in details. If you are looking for a printer for using in your home or office, then HP 316 thermal inkjet printer is the best choice for you. It is a multipurpose device that prints, copies and scans your documents.

You can print about 8000 coloured and 6000 black pages with the help of this printer. It allows you to print more with less consumption of ink.

HP 316 thermal inkjet printer is an excellent device for bulk printing too. It allows you to monitor your ink levels with the help of a transparent ink tank. The best thing about this printer is that it can be connected with almost all operating systems that are in use nowadays.

Please go through all the specifications and features of this fantastic device and decide to buy it for your office or home use.

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