Epson L4150 Vs L4160 Printer Comparison Review

Epson L4150 Vs L4160 Printer Specifications

Before we get into the discussion, let’s look into the technical side of Epson L4150 Vs L4160 printer review:

Features    EPSON L4150
Epson L4150
    EPSON L4160
FunctionalityMultifunction PrinterMultifunction Printer
ConnectivityUSB 2.0 & WiFiUSB 2.0 & WiFi
Page Yield7500 Prints (B/W)
6000 Prints (Colour)
7500 Prints (B/W)
6000 Prints (Colour)
Ink Cost~2000 Rs~2000 Rs
Cost Per Print12p (B/W)
20p (Colour)
12p (B/W)
20p (Colour)
Ideal UserHome, Small and medium
Home, Small and medium
OS SupportWindows 7 or higher
Windows 7 or higher
ADFNot AvailableNot Available
Duplex PrintingManualAutomatic
Paper supportedUp to 200 GSMUp to 200 GSM
Warranty1 Year1 Year
PriceCheck PriceCheck Price


It’s not always easy to compare two printers, especially when they are of the same brand. This is because they usually have similar features that make choosing between the two a very tough task. Today, we are going to ease this task for you by comparing two very popular products of the top printer brand, Epson. The company is famous for its wide variety of printers, especially the “L series” printers, which have been advertised by Epson as the budget-friendly substitute to conventional inkjet printers.

Epson L4160 and L4150 are two of the best ink tank printers available in India. These printers are the recent introductions in the L series ink-tank printers of Epson. Both the printers look promising with great features, and that’s why we are doing an in-depth comparison review of Epson L4150 vs L4160 printers.

Epson L4150 Vs L4160 Printer Comparison


The design of both L4150 and L4160 printers are highly similar. These are compact printers with a sleek design and can fit in even the tiniest of the spaces easily, and this makes their design perfect for home as well as office use. They have an integrated ink tank system with the scanner at the top and the paper feeder present at the back of the printers to save space. Printers are available in matte black colour which looks sophisticated and goes well with almost any type of home/office decor.

The control panel looks nice as well, with a 1.4 inch LCD and a home button and menu buttons on the right for easy access. Assembly of these printers is super easy as well, just take them out of the box, fill up the ink tanks, plugin the printers and you are ready to go.

Print and Scan Properties

Epson L4150 and L4160 are all-in-one printers that support print, scan, and copy features. Printing speed is the same for both printers, which are 11 black and white pages and five coloured pages per minute.

The print quality of both printers is the same, and you can expect sharp, vibrant prints with crisper texts. What’s more interesting are the borderless, clear, smudge and water-resistant pictures that you would be able to print with these printers.

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With an impressive resolution of 5760 dpi for both the printers, you get high-quality prints that would not lose their quality and look brand new even after years of use. The printers support page size up to 200 GSM, and you can print on different types of papers such as A4, legal, A5, A6, and envelopes.

Automatic Duplex Printing

When it comes to printing and scanning, Epson L4150 and L4160 are somewhat similar. However, there is one big difference. While L4160 supports the automatic duplex printing feature (two-sided printing), L4150 doesn’t. Now, duplex printing is vital for office printers as they support a large volume of printing. This feature makes the printing process easier by turning the pages automatically, which saves not only your time and effort but also the environment by reducing paper use.

Ink Costs

Both Epson L4150 and L4160 printers are budget-friendly and will help reduce your ink costs significantly over the years. Since they are ink tank printers, they come with ink reservoirs that are big in size and hold a large amount of ink. This ink tank will reduce your expenses of buying ink cartridges often and ensure continuous printing.

Each set of ink bottles has a page yield of up to 7500 black pages and 6000 coloured pages. The ink bottles are designed to be spill-free and to reduce unnecessary wastage. Original ink bottles are available in three colours – Magenta, cyan, and yellow. These ink bottles can cost you Rs. 1600 for the original version.

You can also opt to purchase the cheaper version of the ink bottles produced by third-party companies, but the print quality will be poor and hence not recommended. The cost per print for both printers is the same, 12 p per page for black and white print and 20 p per page for coloured print.


There are different ways you can use to connect these printers with your laptop or PC; the most common is via a USB cable.

Both the printers not only support wired but also wireless connectivity using WiFi or WiFi direct. Mobile printing is also available by connecting your smartphone to the printer via WiFi using the Epson mobile app. The whole process is so seamless and hassle-free that you’d be left amazed and impressed.

One of the connectivity options we’d like to discuss is WiFi direct. By using this option, you have the choice to connect up to 4 printing devices with your printer without using any router. There is another impressive feature present, known as the Remote Print Driver. This feature allows you to send printing instructions to a compatible Epson printer present anywhere in the world by using the Internet and with the help of the Epson iPrint mobile app.

OS Support

Epson L4150 and L4160 printers support Mac, Linux, and Windows OS. So it doesn’t matter which OS you use, your printer will work efficiently and effectively with almost all of them. You just need to have a decent internet connection, and within half an hour of unpacking these printers, you can download the latest Epson printer software and start with the printing process.


Both the Epson printers are covered with a manufacturer’s warranty of one year or 30000 prints, whichever happens,s earlier. The warranty also encompasses the printhead- a component most importantly required for premium quality printing of high volumes.

Epson L4150 Vs L4160 Printer Comparison Review
Epson L4150 Vs L4160 Comparison


  • These printers are more expensive than the other ink tank printers you usually find in the market. This is because of the superior quality of prints and their advanced features like automatic duplex printing.
  • Some users have encountered problems while connecting their printers to the laptop/ PC via WiFi.

But once the printer is connected to your mobile device using WiFi, the whole printing process becomes a lot easier. You can print pages much faster, and having a wireless connection means you can place your printer anywhere you want without the wire restriction.

Which printer should I buy?

Both the printers, L4160 and L4150, are of the same brand Epson and have somewhat similar specifications and features. The only difference is the Auto Duplex feature, which is present in the L4160 printer and not L4150. While this feature is not much significant for home users or students, it can really be a game-changer for offices and industries. One of the deciding factors is the price: L4160 is more expensive than L4150, but it’s due to the additional benefit it provides to the users.

Hence, if you are on a budget or don’t print frequently or the volume of prints isn’t much, go for L4150; otherwise, L4160 is the perfect choice for you.


Printers are an important accessory to computers; hence, you should keep into consideration a few important factors while buying them. That’s why it is essential to do comprehensive researching before shortlisting any printer for your use.

Epson is a famous printer brand that has been around for a long time and is known for its trusted and high-quality products. The two printers we reviewed today, Epson L4160 and L4150, are no exception to the company standards. With supreme quality, vivid prints, and easy installation features with a lightweight and durable body, both these printers impressed us immensely. Both these printers are cost-effective, consume less power, and are budget-friendly. While comparing and choosing between the two printers was a tough task, we did our best to provide you with an unbiased and thorough review of these printers.

Here’s hoping that our comparison review of the above two printers helped in making your buying decision easier and profitable.

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  1. Ruchin

    ADF is not Available in L4160

    1. John M

      Hi Ruchin,

      You are right, it was put there by mistake. This printer only has duplex printing option. Thank you for pointing it out.


  2. Antonio

    I bought this printer for the print quality and the savings in ink cartridges. However the printer L4150 does not have air printing capability so tablet or mobile printing is only accessible via their app which I find very cumbersome and problematic since you cannot just print a page from a document in iBooks, Word or a photo from your library. You have to save it in some Cloud app (e.g. Onedrive) and then wait and then print. Secondly, if you don’t print much during a month you will inevitably run into clogged nozzle issues which was not very common in my past HP printing experiences.

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