HP M1136 VS M1005 Laser Printer Comparison Review

HP M1136 VS M1005 Printer Specifications

Before we get into the discussion, let’s look into the technical side of HP M1136 VS M1005 printer review:

Features         HP M1005
HP M1005
         HP M1136
HP LaserJet Pro M1136 Printer
FunctionalityMultifunction MonochromeMultifunction Monochrome
ConnectivityUSB 2.0USB 2.0
Print Per Minute
(Print speed)
Up to 14 pages (B/W)11-20 pages (B/W)
Copy Per Minute
(Copy speed)
Up to 14 pages (B/W)Up to 18 pages (B/W)
Ink Cost~7000 Rs~5000 Rs
Cost Per PrintAround 1.4 Rs. For B/WAround 2 Rs. For B/W
DisplayYes (2-in display)Yes (Dual digit numeric LED)
Ideal UserSmall and medium businessesSmall and medium businesses
Maximum usage per monthUp to 5000 pagesUp to 8000 pages
Power UsageHighHigh
OS SupportWindows 7 or higher
Linux (According to some customer reports)
Windows 7 or higher
ADFNot AvailableNot Available
Memory32 MB8 MB
Paper supportedUp to 80 GSM60-163 GSM
Warranty1 Year1 Year
PriceCheck PriceCheck Price


It’s a battle between two of HP’s premium Laser Printers. On one side, you have an M1005 with its monochrome laser print technology clashing against HP M1136, which comes with some exclusive advantages.

This article will briefly provide some exclusive facts that will help consumers to decide whether to go with an HP M1005 or an M1136.

In this HP M1136 VS HP M1005 Printer review, you’ll witness the strengths and weaknesses of both the printers and how it can meet your requirements.

Key Differences Between HP M1136 And M1005

Well, there are many similarities between the two printer versions. However, some of the key differences are worth highlighting for a better understanding of what separates these two.

The first key difference is the price. While the M1136 takes about Rs 13,000 from your pocket, your choice to go with M1005 can cost you a bit more, Rs 4000 to be precise.

What’s worth noticing for the business professionals is that a lower investment in an M1136 printer can prove to be very beneficial since it saves the most valuable resource for them, which is “time”. The printer saves a little bit more time in terms of copying speed as compared to the M1005.

Another major difference that’s worth mentioning is that with an extra Rs 4000 investment in the M1005, you’ll get a memory space of 32mb, which is much more than its competitor, HP M1136.

Printer Specification Brief Overview

Let’s dive into a brief printer specification overview showcasing HP M1136 and then the HP M1005:

HP M1136 – Rapid Laser Printer At An Affordable Price

HP LaserJet Pro M1136 Printer
Courtesy HP India

HP’s latest offering, HP M1136 LaserJet Pro is a multi-functional printer that offers more features than other brands and costs much less than its competitors.

The M1136 comes with a narrow footprint that fits into your desk-space with such ease that you can’t disagree in calling it, an incredibly light-weight machine. The top of the printer houses a 150-sheet input tray and a flatbed scanner, which makes it suitable for bulk printing.

Printer Characteristics

If you’re looking to get a crisp text and graphics copy, then look no further than an M1136, which delivers high-quality copies, at a maximum print resolution of 600 x 600 DPI.

Along with that, its print speed and scan quality are at par with its performance.

The technology behind the multi-functional printer has been specifically designed for a smooth consumer experience. Along with the energy savings, this machine comes with an auto on/off feature that shuts the printer down if it’s idle for too long.

The LED-based instant-ON technology allows the M1136 to save energy for the users in the idle as well as the copy mode.

And with the HP Smart Install, you don’t need to worry about how you’re going to set the machine up. All you need to do is, plug the M1136, follow a basic installation procedure and start printing instantly.

HP M1136 is an incredible printer, and there’s no doubt in it.


HP M1005 – High-Capacity Printing At Your Finger Tips

HP M1005
Courtesy HP India

With a little more investment, you could buy the HP M1005, a versatile multi-functional printer which is the perfect choice for business professionals.

After purchasing this feature-rich printer, you get a 1,000-page HP black print cartridge, USB Cable, Control-panel overlay, output bin support, 150-sheet input tray, power cord and much more. Along with this, the M1005 comes with a 1-year manufacturer warranty.

Although, the HP M1005 is a much bigger printer in terms of size as compared to the HP M1136, but it’s still a light-weight machine that can fit into your office space with ease.

Printer Characteristics

The HP Laser-Jet M1005 multi-functional printer, equipped with the latest monochrome technology, delivers quality-results for the users (business people).

The printer becomes the perfect choice for the company’s employees since it delivers fast results and can be used for bulk-printing.
Functions like printing, scanning, and copying can be performed effortlessly if you’re using the HP M1005.

With features like that, rolled into a single device, one cannot deny that the HP Laser-Jet M1005 is truly a versatile machine. Adding to that, the 150-sheet input tray and the 10-sheet priority tray allows you to handle paper conveniently.

The OCR (Optical Character Recognition) feature in the M1005 printer, comes along with installation drivers that help the users in converting documents into digital formats for editing.


Features – Showdown

You just went through the printer characteristics of both the models, but how do you decide which way to go?

For that, make sure you equip yourself with these specifications and facts about HP M1136 and HP M1005 to decide for yourself.

Print and Scan Properties

Both the printers provide high-quality images and prints for the users. The HP M1136 wins against the M1005 in terms of printing and scanning speed as the device offers 11-20 pages per minute which is higher than what the M1005 has to offer (14 pages per minute).

When it comes to providing additional features, it’s quite surprising that the M1136, which is a relatively less-expensive device, offers more features than its competitor. Extra-features like Scan to E-mail, Scan to Application, Scan to File makes this printer, a more preferred choice for business professionals and users.

Another thing worth mentioning under this category is its memory. Speed and quality of printing and scanning greatly rely on the memory size of the device. The HP M1136 wins in terms of memory size with its premium 32MB RAM. While the HP M1136 has only 1/4th of its rival’s memory size (8MB).

Ink Costs

HP M1136 VS HP M1005 Printer ink comparison
HP M1136 VS HP M1005 Printer Review – Ink comparison

Overall, both the printers are designed for the sole purpose of saving energy and costs for its users.

However, the HP M1005 holds an advantage in this specification category, with the cost per print being Rs 1.4, which is 60 paise less than the M1136.

Since, the M1005 is an expensive machine compared to its rival, the manufacturer has made it more logical by reducing the cost per print, so that the users find it more affordable and convenient.

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Connectivity & Systems Supported

HP M1136 & HP M1005 can run smoothly on all systems (Mac, Windows). When it comes to Linux, the M1136 works completely fine, but it’s a debatable issue for M1005.

Both the printers have limited connectivity options (USB 2.0) and don’t include WIFI connectivity. This is a major drawback for the devices, but at the same time, it’s worth ignoring based on the prices of the printers.

In terms of power consumption, both devices are high power consuming printers. While the M1005 uses a maximum of 230 watts of power, the power consumption is a lot higher when we talk about the HP M1136 (375 watts).

Key Benefits

To take a good purchasing decision, you need to know more than the specifications of the product. It’s essential to analyze what major advantages you get by choosing an alternative and neglecting the other.

If you decide to buy an HP M1136 printer, it would be the right choice for you and here’s why:

  • You’ll be able to print 18 pages (Black/White) per minute which is a bit higher number being compared to M1005 which prints about 15 pages per minute.
  • An HP M1136 will provide you with most of the features offered in the M1005, and more importantly, it’s a much sleeker machine than the expensive alternative and can fit into your office space with much ease.
  • The Print resolution is perfect for your every-day needs and provides you with crisp text and graphics, which serves as a significant benefit of buying an M1136.

Similarly, if you have more money in your pocket and you opt for an HP M1005, here’s why it can be the perfect investment for you:

  • After paying Rs 17,000 for a printer, it’s quite natural that you would expect it to be cost-efficient in the long run. When you buy the HP M1005, your expectations are met since the cost per print is nearly Rs 1.4, which is much less compared to other brands and printers.
  • Another major benefit of buying the expensive version is that the users get access to 32MB memory which is a lot more than other variants and brands.
  • If the M1136 comes up with more features and less price, this version of the printer comes along with a 1000-page HP black ink cartridge and a 150-sheet input tray.
  • Despite being bigger than other printers, the HP M1005 is an incredibly-lightweight machine with its weight being 8.2kg which is almost a kg less than the HP M1136.

Drawbacks Of HP M1136 And M1005

  • No Wireless Connectivity: Even though these printers come at a premium price, these devices don’t have any wireless connectivity option.
  • No Auto Document Feeder & Automatic Duplex: Printing and scanning documents with zero human interaction is the need of the hour. That’s where features like automatic duplex play a major role. Sadly these two printers don’t have these features, which means you have to do two-sided printing and scanning manually.
  • High Power Consumption: Both of these printers will consume a lot of power under heavy use.

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Final Thoughts And Verdict

Both the printers are amazing machines manufactured by HP. There’s no doubt that both the printers are designed for the sole purpose of consumer satisfaction.

While one variant is cheaper & beneficial, the other version is expensive & efficient.

At the end of the day, it comes down to this, “What is your printing requirement?”.
If you’re a soft-user who just needs a printer to reduce the time it takes to go to a printer-service shop, then the M1136 is the perfect choice for you. It delivers fast and high-quality results at a cheaper price of Rs 13,000.

But if you’re a business professional and you need a machine to solve your every-day problems, then look no further than the M1005. It is specifically designed for bulk-printing.

We have showcased the most important features and specifications of both the printers for you to have a better understanding and clarity about what printer to buy. It’s time to decide now.

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