Epson L130 Ink Tank Printer Expert Review 2020

Epson L130 Ink Tank Printer








Print Quality



  • Less maintenance
  • State-of-the-art print head
  • One of the cheapest ink tank printer
  • Windows and Apple friendly
  • Cost-effective


  • Little noisey
  • Low quality plastic parts (flaps and trays)
  • No duplex printing

Epson L130 Specifications

Epson L130
Cost Per Print7 Paise For B/W
18 Paise For Color
ConnectivityWired Only
Supported OSWindows XP or higher, Mac OSx
Cost Per Refill
(Prints more than 2500 prints)
2200 Rs
(Black*300 + CYM*350)
Print Speed
(According to ISO Standards)
Black~27 Pages Per Minute
Color~14 Pages Per Minute
Power UsageLow
ADFNot available
Noise level38~52 d8


With the advancement in technology, inkjet printers, which would run out of ink every 200 pages or so of printing and were difficult to refill, have been replaced by printers called ink tank printers. Such ink tank printers print with an ink reservoir which is cheaper than inkjet printers. Targeting the home and small office printer market, Epson, the No. 1 printer brand in the country (as per IDC reports) has launched the Epson L130 Ink Tank printer for affordable and cost-effective printing. Hence, we bring to you the Epson L130 printer review.

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Epson L130 Printer Review

With print cost as low as 7 paise per black print and 18 paise per colour print, this printer makes a perfect fit for home and office use. It comes with a pack of four spill-free 70 ml ink bottles of colours Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, and Black that can print 4000 pages per 70 ml black ink bottle and 6500 pages per 3*CYM 70 ml ink bottles for colour. Unlike traditional inkjet printers where cartridge filling is a hassle, the user can refill the ink tanks themselves without even getting a single ink stain in your body and use the printer as needed. The printer has automatic and manual cleaning options that allow the user to go without printing for days.

The printer installation is free of cost to the customer. This printer offers a 1 year or 15000 prints warranty (whichever is earlier).


Important Features Of Epson L130

1. Design

Epson L130 with dimensions of 487 x 228 x 135 mm is of the size of a small microwave oven and will easily fit in one of the corners of the room. Weighing 2.8 kg, this printer is easy to move as needed. The control panel is pretty simple and straightforward. There is no display unit here, but the LED indicators are capable of helping the user with error indications when needed. 

2. Compatibility

Epson L130 printer is compatible with Windows XP/XP Professional x64 Edition/Vista/7/8/8./10 Mac OS X 10.6.8/ 10.7.x/10.8.x/10.9.x. It is a perfect fit for both Windows and Apple users.

3. Print Properties

Epson L130 printer comes with a standard cassette input tray type. The input tray can hold 50 sheets while the output tray can store only 30 sheets at a time. The printer supports A4, A5, A6, B5, C6, DL paper sizes while printing at a rate of 27 ppm for B/W prints and 15 ppm for colour prints which means the user can print about 33 B/W pages per minute or 15 colour pages per minute (may vary according to the quality settings). Print resolution for each print is 5760×1440 dpi which ensures a fine, non-pixelated image on every print.

The printer prints at a speed of 8.5 impressions per minute thus making printing quick and easy. You can make this printer wireless if you have the right router at your disposal.

4. Ink Price

A transparent side on each ink bottle helps the user to identify when the bottle needs a refill. Users can order a complete set of ink or individual inks as required. Unlike inkjet printers, which have cartridges for CYM and black that will cost around Rs 2500, Epson’s L130 printer ink tank printer refills come at about half the price. The black ink bottle costs Rs 309 while the colour bottle will costs Rs 449 each and all bottles hold 65ml ink each.

5. Technology

Epson L130 Micro Piezo technology features Epson’s unique Micro Piezo print heads combined with other leading-edge features. Micro Piezo print heads utilize mechanical pressure to print the ink. Micro Piezo systems do not use heat, which will greatly reduce ink deformations.

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Things We Did Not Like About Epson L130

  • Printer Noise: The printer was found to be a little noisy especially in a quiet room.
  • No Wireless Connectivity: In this era of the Internet, it is a huge drawback that this printer does not have inbuilt wireless connectivity. It would have made this printer even better, but considering its price, it is not fair to ask more features. If you are looking for a WiFi-enabled printer check out this review: Epson Eco Tank L3150 Review
  • Delicate Top Flap: The top flap of the printer is added to guide the input paper and to avoid settling of dust on the feed rollers. This flap is delicate and might come off if not handled with care.
  • The Thin Plastic Output Tray: Although the rest of the printer is built with tough plastic, the front print head compartment lid is also made of thin plastic, but since it won’t be used unless there is a paper jam this should not be a problem.


Single-function devices are the most suitable devices for today’s conditions, as per the experts. Epson L130 is a worthy single-function printer that offers affordable and long-lasting printing solutions for both home and small office.


John M

I love computer devices of all kinds! I am particularly interested in productivity devices such as printers. I remember my first printer back in 2008, which was an awesome experience for me. I learned a lot of things after that experience. I intend to share my experience through this blog. That way I can make others understand the nuances and help them to make the right purchase decision.

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  1. Ajay Gupta

    The features listed in above review might be all good but the quality is extremely poor. The printer has started giving problems within 5 months of purchase. The print head always remain blocked and every time, I have to go for Head Cleaning and Power Ink Flushing. Even then, the print quality is very poor.
    I also lodged a complaint with Epson customer care. The Epson enginner said that he can do nothing and the problem could be due to non-original inks. Whereas, I am still using the same ink that were supplied with the printer.
    My strong recommendation would be not to buy this printer.

    1. John M

      Hi Ajay,

      I understand your situation. Some ink tank printers do have this kind of issues, partly due to manufacturing defects. I would suggest changing the print head, it’s not a sure-shot, but worth exploring.
      In this price range, you can find two other printers from HP (https://amzn.to/2pAAlVv) and Canon (https://amzn.to/36shv3t) with similar specs. Check them out if you are planning to change printers.

  2. Ajay Gupta

    Thanks for your reply and suggestions, John. I will explore changing print head. Though, I am little apprehensive that even that will help.

  3. Vikuo

    i bought this today and i have not yet print any photos or doc. but hopefully this printer gives me good result.. i am thinking of using the pigment ink in this printer instead of original…. is it ok if i use the pigment ink….

  4. Aswin Biju

    I bought this printer qnd its value for money quality is upto mark considering its price .

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