Canon G6070 Vs Brother MFC-T910DW Printer Comparison Review

Canon G6070 Vs Brother MFC-T910DW Spec Sheet

     Canon G6070Brother MFC-T910DW

Canon G6070Brother MFC-T910DW
TypeInk TankInk Tank
FunctionsPrint, Scan and CopyPrint, Scan, Copy and Fax
Page Yield (Black/Colour)6,000 Black
7,700 Colour
6,500 Black
5,000 Colour
Cost Per Print9 Paise For B/W
23 Paise For Colour
8 Paise For B/W
26 Paise For Colour
Print Speed (Black/Colour)13 ipm for B/W
7 ipm for Colour
12 ipm for B/W
10 ipm for Colour
DisplayYesYes (LCD)
ADFNoYes (Single-sided)
Duplex PrintingAutomaticAutomatic
Paper Tray Capacity350 Sheets230 Sheets
Duty Cycle150-1500 Prints/Mo150-1500 Prints/Mo
OSMS Windows
Mac OS
MS Windows
Mac OS
Maximum Print Resolution4800 x 1200 DPI1,200 x 6,000 DPI
Warranty1 Year1 Year
PriceNo products found.No products found.

Printers are one of the essential units in offices nowadays. Over the last few decades, a fair share of printers produced by printer manufacturing companies are being bought by offices and large organisations. Due to this high demand, manufacturers have started to design printers according to office uses. Canon Pixma G6070 and Brother MFC-T910DW are two of the good examples of office printers. They have features such as duplex printing, document feeders, and wireless connectivity to improve the productivity of users.

This article will delve into different aspects of these printers to help you to pick the right one for your needs.

Canon G6070 Vs Brother MFC-T910DW Feature Comparison

Canon G6070 Vs Brother MFC-T910DW comparison
Canon G6070 Vs Brother MFC-T910DW Comparison


Aesthetics are nearly as important as any other feature in a printer. Because, nowadays it’s not just about the looks, but things like ergonomics and logistics are also being considered when designing a printer. Considering the logistics aspects of these two printers, they are pretty similar. They both have similar dimensions, and they don’t consume much space. But for other aspects, there are some differences.

  • The Canon G6070 has a movable user interface which is placed in front of the printer. Although the UI is suitable for continuous tasks, it lacks functionalities. This affects the ergonomic aspects of this printer. Other than these issues, this printer is much more compact than the other Brother printer.
  • The Brother MFC-T910DW printer has an ergonomic design. The user interface can be tilted, so the user can easily use the printer from any angle. The aesthetics could be improved on this one, but other than that, it has an intelligent design.

Print, Scan, Copy and Fax Features

Let’s get into the business end of this comparison. Before getting into the obvious aspects of these printers, let’s address the elephant in the room (an old elephant, but still); Brother T910DW has an extra feature that might be handy for some businesses: faxing. Even though faxing is somewhat of an obsolete feature, some companies are still relying on this communication medium. So if you want fax as an option, you should definitely go with the Brother printer.

Otherwise, let’s discuss a little more about the other functionalities.

Print Features

  • The Canon G6070 printer supports multiple functionalities which include printing, scanning and copying. The page yield or print output expected from one ink refill is around 6,000 prints for black and white, and 7,700 for colour prints. Cost per print for this Canon printer is around 9 paise for black and white prints and 23 paise for colour printing. The CPP is very similar to most of the ink tank printers out there, nothing special here. The print speed of this printer compared to other printers is above average: 13 impressions per minute for black and white prints and 6.8 impressions per minute for colour printing. Canon G6070 can handle automatic two-sided printing. The maximum supported paper size for this printer is 300 GSM. Another major advantage of this printer is that it can accept paper from two different trays (front and top), which means we can load two different types of page sizes (types). It will select the paper size we opted. Monthly duty cycle recommended is 1,500 prints. This printer can store up to 350 papers (75 GSM) in its different paper compartments.
  • When it comes to printing efficiency, the Brother MFC-T910DW will give you a page yield of around 6,500 prints for black and white, and 5,500 for colour prints. The print speed, according to ISO standards, is 12 impressions per minute for black and white printing and 10 impressions per minute for colour printing. Comparing the stats, the colour printing speed of this printer is above average. The cost per print for this printer is around 8 paise for black and white printing and 26 paise for colour printing. This printer also supports two-sided printing. Unlike the Canon printer, we can’t load different sizes of papers at the same time and let the printer automatically choose the paper size for each page. With this printer, we have to change the tray settings manually from the printer settings to print a different page size. This printer supports printing images directly from USB (not a popular option). The maximum supported page size is 220 GSM. The monthly duty cycle of this printer is similar to the Canon printer. This printer can store up to 220 pages in its two paper compartments.

Scan Features

  • Canon G6070 has a flatbed Contact Imaging Sensor (CIS) scanner (a very common type of scanner). However, this printer does not have an automatic document feeder, which is a small let down by Canon.
  • Brother MFC-T910DW also has a flatbed CIS scanner. The advantage of this printer over the other Canon printer is that it has automatic document feeder scanning. The ADF function helps users to scan pages through a mechanical document feeder. Still, you can’t do two-sided scanning with this document feeder.

Copy Features

The copy feature is identical in both of these printers. We have quick copy buttons on the user interface to make copies of papers, and we can change the image scaling from 25% to 400% from the interface itself.

Ink Tank Features

Brother MFC-T910DW ink bottles
Brother MFC-T910DW Ink Bottles

Both of these printers work on the principle of refillable ink tank printing. That means we don’t need to change the cartridge every time the printer runs out of ink. The ink reservoir is transparent to help users assess the current ink level. The ink bottle set (CYMB) cost is around Rs. 2,000 for both printers. It is advised to use original ink instead of third party inks, because of the chances of ink clotting.

Wireless Features

Other than the usual USB connectivity, both of these printers provide Wi-Fi connectivity. They have an in-built router, so you don’t need to purchase any other devices to use this wireless feature. As a bonus, quite a few third-party printing services are supported with these printers, such as:

User Interface

Both of these printers have a tiltable user interface which helps the user to operate from different angles. But there are some dissimilarities among these printers, such as;

  • Canon G6070 printer only has a segmented display, which I believe is not up to the standards for what we pay for this printer. The user interface has a minimal number of buttons, which means we have to go through the menu options to use each option.
  • The Brother printer has a large (large compared to the other printer) LCD screen, which is very useful for users. With the large screen, we can keep track of each and every task performed by this printer. The UI gives us plenty of ready to go buttons to improve our productivity.

OS Support and Warranty

Both printers support the two major operating systems used in our country: MS Windows and Mac OS. Regarding the warranty, both offer coverage of up to one year or 30,000 prints, whichever comes first.

No products found.    No products found.


To conclude, Canon G6070 and Brother MFC-T910DW are two of the cheapest automatic duplex printers available out there. While the Brother printer offers some additional user-specific features such as ADF, the Canon printer is not that far behind with its multiple page loading features. If you are looking for a printer that has an option for faxing or automatic document scanning, you should go with the Brother printer, or if you want a cheap automatic duplex printer, you should go with the Canon printer.

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