Epson L3152 Vs Brother DCP-T510W Printer Comparison

Epson L3152 Vs Brother DCP-T510W Spec Sheet

        Epson L3152   Brother DCP-T510W
FeaturesEpson L3152Brother DCP-T510W
TypeInk TankInk Tank
FunctionsPrint, Scan and CopyPrint, Scan and Copy
Page Yield (Black/Colour)5,000 Black
6,500 Colour
7,500 Black
4,500 Colour
Cost Per Print7 Paise For B/W
18 Paise For Colour
8 Paise For B/W
26 Paise For Colour
Print Speed (Black/Colour)10 ipm for B/W
5 ipm for Colour
12 ipm for B/W
6 ipm for Colour
DisplayNoYes (Segmented)
Duplex PrintingManualManual
Paper Tray Capacity100 Sheets150 Sheets
Duty Cycle150-600 Prints/Mo150-600 Prints/Mo
OSMS Windows
Mac OS
MS Windows
Mac OS
Maximum Print Resolution1,200 x 6,000 dpi5760 x 1440 dpi
Warranty1 Year1 Year
PriceCheck PriceCheck Price

Epson L3152 and Brother DCP-T510W are two of the popular printers in the “Rs. 10,000+” category. Both these printers have made millions for their manufacturers. Today we will compare these two printers and find if they are fit for your needs.

Note: Epson L3150 and L3152 are very similar printers having a similar set of features. Theoretically, you can use this same article to compare Epson L3150 and Brother DCP-T510W printers.


In this fast-paced world, the visual appeal has become one of the important aspects of an electronic gadget, and printers are no exception. Printer manufacturers have derived their own equations from combining both technical and aesthetic features to their products. Some are doing decent jobs at it, others are still perfecting their design.

  • Brother has created their own style while making their printers, which helped their customers to identify Brother printers pretty quickly. In the case of Brother DCP-T510W printer, that unique design has made this printer bulk in size. Both its dimensions and weight is comparatively more. Apart from the lack of compactness, the printer is aesthetically very good looking.
  • Epson also has a way of designing their printers, and I believe they have perfected their craft. Epson L3152 is a compact printer compared to Brother DCP-T510W. The weight and size of this printer is significantly less, and it is good looking too.

Print, Scan and Copy Features

Both of these are all in one printers having features like printing, scanning and copying. The only difference is their performance levels. Let’s analyze each printer.

  • Epson L3152 printer is a multifunction printer. The page yield of this printer is around 5,000 pages for black and white printing and 6,500 pages for colour printing. This printer has a printing cost of about 7 paise for black and white printing and 18 paise for colour printing. The print speed of this printer according to the ISO standards are 10 ipm for black and white printing and 5 ipm for colour printing. The ideal monthly duty cycle of this printer is up to 300-500 prints, but this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t print more than 500 print outs. Epson L3152 can’t handle sheets above 180 GSM. And this printer only has a manual duplex printing option. At a time, this printer can hold up to 100 sheets in its tray.
  • Brother DCP-T510W printer is also a multifunction printer having the same set of features as the L3152. This printer has a page yield of 4,500 pages for black and white printing and 7,500 pages for colour printing. The cost per print for this printer is around 8 paise per page for black and white prints and 26 paise per page for colour printing. This Brother printer has a page speed of 6 ipm for colour prints and 12 ipm for black and white prints. The prefered duty cycle is 300-500 prints per month. The maximum paper thickness this printer handles is up to 220 GSM. This printer also does not have auto-duplex printing, only the manual option is available. The input paper tray in this printer can hold up to 150 pages.
Epson L3152 vs Brother DCP-T510W Printer Comparison
Epson L3152 vs Brother DCP-T510W Printer Comparison

Ink Tank Features

Both Epson L3152 and Brother DCP-T510W are ink tank printers. They both have transparent ink tanks to help users monitor the ink levels easily. The original set of ink bottles cost around Rs. 2,000 for each printer. It is not recommended to use third-party inks due to the chances of damaging the print head. Below you can check out the link for original ink bottles of these printers:

Check price for Epson L3152 original ink

Check price for Brother DCP-T510W original ink

Wireless Connectivity Features

In this day and age of portable devices, the wireless option has become one of the most important features in electronic devices. In the case of printers, wireless connectivity opens many new possibilities for the user. Both these printers have wireless options. Brother DCP-T510W supports both Google Cloud Print and Apple AirPrint options. But the Epson L3152 printer does not work with AirPrint, it has only the Google Cloud Print service available. So if you are an Apple user, maybe you should go with the former one.

Apart from third-party apps, we can also use manufacturer’s apps. For Epson, it is Epson iPrint, and for Brother, it is Brother iPrint&Scan.

User Interface

The UI of these two printers are fundamentally different because of the options provided by each manufacturer.

Epson L3152 printer has the least user-friendly UI. It does not even have a display. The user has to rely on LEDs and themselves to figure out what the printer has to say to us. That’s some 2010’s technology. Even the switch interface is limited compared to its competitors.

Brother DCP-T510W, compared to the other printer, is clearly more user friendly. This printer has a segmented display which can display things such as print progress, error codes, etc. The number of control buttons is also higher in this brother printer.

OS Support and Warranty

Epson L3152 supports both Windows OS and Mac OS. But there have been some reports about a compatibility issue with Mac installed devices for Epson L3150 printer (the predecessor of L3152). While the manufacturer ensures smooth working, this might be an issue if you are using devices that have Mac OS. This printer has warranty coverage of up to 1 year or 30,000 prints, whichever comes first.

Brother DCP-T510W supports Windows OS, Mac OS and Linux. Brother is famous for its compatibility with the Linux operating system, so if you have a device with Linux OS, this would be a perfect fit. Warranty is the same as above: coverage of up to one year or 30,000 prints, whichever comes first.

Pros of Epson L3152
  • Multifunction printer
  • WiFi enabled
  • Supports Google Cloud Print
  • High page yield
Pros of Brother DCP-T510W
  • Multifunction printer
  • Paper support only up to 220 GSM
  • Segmented display
  • WiFi enabled


To conclude, both printers have certain strong points. Still, all in all, Brother DCP-T510W printer is clearly better and user friendly compared to Epson L3152 or L3150 printer.

I hope my review helped you to make a purchase decision and if you have any doubts regarding these printers, please share with me through the comments section.

Buy Epson L3152


Buy Brother DCP-T510W

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