HP 410 Vs 415 Vs 419 Printer Comparison Review

HP 410 Vs 415 Vs 419 Printer Specification Comparison

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Features          HP 410
HP 410
          HP 415
HP 415
          HP 419
HP 419
FunctionalityAll-In-One Ink TankAll-In-One Ink TankAll-In-One Ink Tank
Maximum number of
prints per one full refill
(Page yield)
4000 Black &White
8000 Color
6000 Black &White
8000 Color
6000 Black &White
8000 Color
Print Per Minute
(Print speed)
~8 pages~8 pages~8 pages
Ink Cost~2100 Rs~2100 Rs~2100 Rs
Cost Per Print10 Paise For B/W
18 Paise For Color
10 Paise For B/W
18 Paise For Color
10 Paise For B/W
18 Paise For Color
Ideal UserStudents
Small businesses
Small businesses
Small businesses
Power UsageLowLowLow
OS SupportWindows 7 or higher
Windows 7 or higher
Windows 7 or higher
ADFNot AvailableNot AvailableNot Available
Warranty1 Year1 Year1 Year
PriceCheck PriceCheck PriceCheck Price


HP is one of the most reputed brands in printing technology. With its new range of Ink tank printers, it has occupied a significant part of the Indian printer market. Three such famous ink tank models from HP 400 series are HP 410, 415 and 419 ink tank wireless printers that focus on low ink cost and higher page yield printing. Designed for both home and small office use, it is one of the best available printers in the market. This article will compare HP 410 Vs 415 Vs 419 printers to give you a better understanding of the differences between them and to help you make the decision of which one to buy.

Differences Between HP 410, 415 and 419 Printers

HP 410 is the predecessor of the other two printers and the first of this series. Arguably this is the cheapest option in this list. The costliest printer in this series is HP 419.

Another major difference is the page yield of each printer. HP 410, the oldest model has the least page yield as it can only print up to 8000 colour prints and 4000 monochrome (black & white) prints, whereas for the latter devices, it is as high as 8,000 sheets for colour and 6,000 sheets for monochrome prints. This difference in page yield is mainly due to the large ink tanks in both HP 415 and 419.

Other than these differences, the only major difference is in their firmware version, which plays a crucial role in the effective utilization of ink.

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Let us see the different features of these printers and what are the differences between them.


HP 410 Vs 415 Vs 419 Ink Tank
HP 410 Vs 415 Vs 419 Printer Ink Tank

HP 410, 415 and 419 come in a beautiful compact design and a strong and sturdy plastic body. With a smaller footprint, it can easily be placed and adjusted in the smallest places. While HP 410 and 415 comes in an All-black design, HP 419 has a visually appealing blue shade.
Surprisingly, all three printers have the same dimension, 525 x 310 x 158 mm. Also, the ink tank is a separate section in all as an extension of this device.

Print And Scan Properties

HP 410, 415 and 419 support the 3-in-1 function of Print, Copy & Scan and have a print speed of 8 ipm for black and white pages and 5 ipm for colour pages. The specifications include manual duplex printing and an automatic cleaning option. As per our research indicates, all of the printers provide high-quality images and prints in both standard and borderless printing facility.

HP also claims a life duration of 3-5 years for the printhead, which is one of the most important parts of the printer. Also, these printers can stand 10-14 days without printing. It has a high printing resolution of 4800 x 1200 dpi. It supports up to 300 GSM and multiple popular paper types such as A4, A5, A6, B5, C6, DL, envelope, etc.

All of these printers are equipped with a CIS flatbed type scanner which can scan documents at a high resolution of 1200 x 1200 dpi.

Ink Costs

HP 410 Vs 415 Vs 419 Printer Ink
HP 410 Vs 415 Vs 419 Printer Ink

These ink tank printers have been made with a focus on low-cost ink and less printing cost. However, the page yield or cost per print is one of the major areas where these printers exhibit different values. HP 410 is, of course, the least performing printer in this section with 4000 B/W and 8000 colour prints per one refill. The other two can print up to 6000 prints of B/W and 8000 prints of colour in one refill. However, it is pretty much self-explanatory to understand that HP 419 has a slight edge on this section compared to other printers due to its latest firmware update.

As for the Cost Per Print (CPP) for these printers, pretty much all of them have a very similar value: 10 Paise for one standard monochrome (B/W) print and 18 Paise for one standard colour print. The reason why these three printers have the same CPP even though they have different page yield is due to the fact that the page yield largely depends on the tank size on each printer. And the HP 415 and 419 have more extensive ink reservoirs compared to HP 410.

The inks compatible with this printer are HP GT52 (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow) and HP GT51 (Black). The whole pack of ink bottles will cost around Rs 2100 if you opt for the original ink. There are plenty of cheaper options from other companies, but we don’t suggest those since the quality won’t be the same as the original HP ink.


HP 410, 415 and 419 have multiple connectivity options such as the basic USB connectivity and WIFI. With the help of WiFi connectivity, these printers can easily be operated from anywhere in the premises through a mobile device. WiFi feature makes the printer a better option for a small business.

The WiFi setup is pretty much self-explanatory. You can easily set up using the HP Printer Assistant > Device Setup And Software.


HP 410 Cons
  • Low ink capacity
  • No ADF
  • Manual duplex printing only
  • Noisy
HP 415/419 Cons
  • No ADF
  • Manual duplex printing only
  • Noisy

Which One To Pick From HP 410, 415 And 419

HP 410 Vs 415 Vs 419 Printer Comparison
HP 410 Vs 415 Vs 419 Printer Comparison

HP 410, 415 and 419 are three very similar printers within a particular price range. Even though most of the features are the same, there are some differences you have to consider before the purchase.

The cheaper variant, HP 410 has arguably the least page yield, which means you have to refill the tank pretty much every 2-3 months (if you are moderate user). For some, this might be a problem. However, if you are a soft user, who has a printing requirement of up to 250-350, this might be the best option since the price is really low.

The expensive variant, HP 419, has the most refined features in this series. So it is well suited for power users, who have a printing requirement of up to 600+.

Either if you are a moderate or soft user with a budget to buy HP 415, you should definitely consider the 415 variant since it is the most preferred option in this series by us.


With so many features and low power consumption, HP 410, 415 and 419 are a suitable choice for home, students, and small office. At a price of around INR 12500-13500, it surely seems to deliver value for money.

  • John M

    I love computer devices of all kinds! I am particularly interested in productivity devices such as printers. I remember my first printer back in 2008, which was an awesome experience for me. I learned a lot of things after that experience. I intend to share my experience through this blog. That way I can make others understand the nuances and help them to make the right purchase decision.

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    1. Prasad

      does 415 support Ipad Airprint or only wifi direct?

      1. John M

        Hi, Prasad.

        Yes, HP 415 does support AirPrint, you just need to make sure both the device (iPad) and the printer is connected to the same network.

    2. Shivansh

      is there a difference in the printhead of 419 and 410?
      need answer as quick as possible

      1. John M

        Hi Shivansh,

        The first difference is ink tank size: HP 419 has higher capacity hence higher page yield. The second difference is firmware, HP 419 has the latest firmware, so it’ll have higher ink efficiency.

        Hope this helps.

    3. jatin

      hp 415 connect to mobile via wi-fi without computer???

      1. John M

        Hi Jatin,

        Yes, HP 415 has direct wifi connection with mobile phones, there’s no need to turn ON the PC.

    4. Στέλιος

      Έχω τον HP415..πάνω στον χρόνο έβγαλε πρόβλημα με την έγχρωμη κεφαλή εκτύπωσης..βρήκα στο ίντερνετ κεφαλή εκτύπωσης που είναι συμβατή με τον 410..είναι συμβατή?να την αγοράσω??
      Ευχαριστώ εκ των προτέρων

      1. John M


        The chances of HP 410s cartridge matching HP 415 is very high, but I would not count on my assumptions. I’d advise you to call the HP support centre or read the product description of Cartridge to see if it says it’ll work on HP 415.

    5. Rania

      What is the difference between hp 415 and hp 515?

      Can I print lower than 500 page per month and the ink still the same or a problem will happen.

      For how many days can I not use the printer without the ink being dryed?

      1. John M

        Hi Rania,

        The main differences are the technology used and the availability of Bluetooth connectivity. HP 515 uses the latest printing technologies (slight improvement in ink efficiency) and has Bluetooth connectivity. Apart from this, both of these printers are very similar.
        About the usage, the manufacturer suggests to use this printer bi-weekly (once every 14 days), but the best practice would be to use it every week, take 2-3 COLOUR prints. It’s certainly not required to print 500 pages every month.

    6. Sakshi

      This review is a real help. Thank you, no where you find such a precise information about usage to prevent ink from drying.

      1. John M

        Hi Sakshi,
        the data you see here are mostly from my own experience with ink tank printers and collected from some of the printer users online. For ink tank printers, ink clotting is a concern. The user must use the printer once in every week, that is what the manufacturers recommend.


    7. Jessie

      Thank you.
      I have some difficult to choice 415 or 419,but I know the difference between them now.

      1. John M

        Hi Jessie,
        they are basically the same. There are said to be some firmware differences in HP 419, which might result in better ink efficiency. Other than that, HP 415 and 419 are basically the same. If you have a medium use (400-600 prints/month) I would highly recommend HP 415. Or buy whichever is available at the cheapest rate.
        Thank you

    8. Tarun

      Hii , John,
      Thanks for such reliable info
      However, Im confused between HP 415 and Brother dcp T 510
      Can you plz help me out

      1. John M

        Hi Tarun,

        Performance-wise, both HP 415 and Brother DCP T510W are very similar. However, in paper handling and user-friendliness Brother printer is slightly ahead. It has the bottom paper tray which is only used in heavy use printers and an advanced UI. I would suggest Brother DCP T510W printer.

        1. Nikhil

          Hi John.. jus bit confused between finalising my printer as all have more or less similar feature..confused between brother t510 hp 419/410 and canon 3010/ Epson 3152.
          Jus give me ur final verdict

          1. John M

            Hi Nikhil,

            HP 415 or 419 (whichever available at a lower price). Reliable and reasonable maintenance cost. Wait for July 6-7 (prime day) prices might get low.

    9. Rishi

      Hi John,

      Thank you for the detailed review. Given the lockdown many of HP models are out of stock (including 419). 515 seems to be the next best model and it states it to have faster speeds for B&W prints. Is this true?
      Also, how does the print quality for photos (and colour prints in general) compare against Epson L3150? I’m stuck between the two.


      1. John M

        Hi Rishi,

        Print speed will be slightly better in HP 515 because it’s their latest series (new firmware and upgraded mechanism). When we talk about the print quality of photos, you won’t see a big difference between these printers since all of them use 4 colour palette. Maybe a slight edge for HP 515, but certainly not noticeable.
        If you’re looking for studio-quality photo printing, consider Epson L805 (my review)

        If you’ve got a budget of 15,000, I would highly recommend Brother DCP-T710W, since it has way more features than HP 419, Epson L3150/L3152 and HP 515.

    10. sri

      Great comparison John

      HP 415 vs Epson L3152, which is good, when compared between quality, running cost and maintenance.

      Any other better brand and model within this price range.

      Can you help on this

      1. John M

        Hi Sri,

        In my opinion, both of these printers have similar print quality and running cost since both of them using very similar technologies. The only difference here is that HP 415 has a display option, Epson L3152 doesn’t have that. The maintenance requirement for these printers are normally very low but with certain pieces, you might face some initial problems. Just make sure you print once in a week.

    11. Aayush

      Are we able to printing in my pc wifidirect

      1. John M

        Hi Aayush,

        Yes, you can print directly print from your PC/Laptop if your system has WiFi option (in-built or dongle).

        You can see this video for instructions.

    12. Anurag

      Between hp 415 and Brother DCP T510W printer which printer has less maintenance cost. Head is easily available.

      1. John M

        Hi Anurag,

        Maintenance cost will be similar for both. If you’re concerned about service availability, I would suggest going with HP since they have much more service centres all across India. Print heads are hard to buy through online stores, you have to buy through service centres. Again HP has an advantage there.

    13. Prashanth

      I am really confused about whether or not to buy a printer as my need is very very minimal. My requirement is random and may not need every week. Please suggest if I need to buy or should go and get it printed as and when needed.

      1. John M

        Hi Prashanth,

        I have been there and it’s a hard decision to make. One thing I did was assessing my future requirements. If you think that in the near future your printing requirement will increase definitely consider buying one. If the requirement is only going to reduce in the future then it’s a bad idea.

        Also, consider the number of users at your home. If you have more than one users, who are knowledgeable enough to use a printer on their own, chances are it’s going to be useful.

        Or just buy an inkjet printer. No worries of ink clotting. Just worry about cartridge cost.

        Finally, it’s a tough and costly decision. Take it wisely.

    14. Nikhil

      Trying to choose between HP 415/419 and Canon G4010. Is it worthwhile spending 3-4k more for the Canon? Styling wise hate the HP and prefer the Canon. Airprint + Cloud Print is a must.

      Also HP 515/530 is in the same range as Canon 4010. So if I were to spend that 3-4k more should I also look at HP 515/530 also?

      1. John M

        Hi Nikhil,

        Apart from AirPrint/Cloud print requirement, you didn’t mention anything about the monthly print requirement. I believe HP 415/419 is the cheapest option and it has all the features you need. But if you scan/copy a lot of documents G4010’s ADF will prove very handy, in that case, go with G4010. Other things are pretty much the same in both of these printers.

        Regarding 515/530 I have been hearing some issues with the ink availability for those printers. Not a serious issue but they are using a new type of ink GT53 Black, which is currently not available as much as GT52 and 51. So I think it’d be best to buy G4010.

        1. Nikhil

          Thanks so much. My monthly requirement is not too big. Mainly for son’s school projects and occasionally for my work. Not too many scans or copies. I will probably go with HP then. Thanks again

          1. John M

            Happy that you decided on one. I mistyped my suggestion in the last part, I meant to say HP 415/419, but typed G4010.

            1. Nikhil

              Sorry but one more question before I buy. How does HP 415/419 compare with Brother T510w? That Brother model looks a good printer in the same price range with Airprint support and all. I’m in Mumbai so hopefully service and parts shouldn’t be an issue?

            2. John M


              Brother DCP-T510W is a great printer, I didn’t mention it because of the service availability. If you’re in close proximity to a Brother Service centre (Brother has their Head Office at Mumbai, so that’s that), I’d highly recommend buying Brother printers. They offer great value for the money and they are a reliable brand.

    15. Rahul

      Hello John,
      Thank you for the detailed review and provide differences in each cases. It will help all of us for sure while choosing the right one based on requirement.

      I would like to know, the servicing point of view. How often we need to call a service man for print head problems for HP/Epson/Canon. What could be the cost ? and more important how to avoid frequent damaging of printer head.

      If you can help in this regrads, will be very good.

      1. John M

        Hi Rahul,

        I believe you want to know how often ink tank printers require maintenance. As you said, Print head is the problem most of the time. Print heads can run smoothly for 2-3 years (depends on your usage) and they can cost anywhere around 1,500 to 4,000 Rs. It’s hard to get it through online shops, but you can get it directly from the product service centres.

        To avoid print head problems I’d suggest printing 2-3 pages every week so the ink don’t dry out and also use the original ink from the manufacturer. If you’re worried about the maintenance cost I’d suggest you to take extended warranty for the printer.

    16. vinod

      Hi John,
      I need to buy a printer for my kid school projects. The print requirement maybe off and on. I may not use it just as and when required. I think laser printer will be better as it is powder based. Could you pls. suggest one which is very low at pricing.

      Also, if HP 410 is bought and not used or if I just use it for one or 2 page print in a month,. How long the ink can run. And how can head damage can it be avoid.

      1. John M

        Hi Vinod,

        2 pages/month is very low, with ink tank printers you need to print weekly (at least 2 pages). Using ink tank printer at a low print frequency will be risky. If you can print a bit more like 10 prints per month I’d suggest inkjet printers, for example HP DeskJet 3835. Inkjet printers have a high print cost (B&W~1.5 Rs, Colour~3 Rs+). But can manage up to 2-3 weeks without printing.

        As for the case of laser printers, if your kid ever requires colour printing, you won’t be able to do that with ordinary laser printers (colour laser printers cost 20k+). If you are still looking for laser printers, these are my suggestions: Brother DCP-L2520D (one of the cheapest all-in-one laser printer), Brother HL-L2321D (one of the cheapest single function laser printer).

        1. vinod

          So HP 410 is not for me. If I remove 5-10 prints in a month will that be workable. How long the ink dries or lump set in ?

          Also, pls. suggest me a compact printer.

          1. John M

            Hi again there,

            Most of the companies claim that ink won’t dry out even if you set it on idle for 2 weeks, but I have some friends who has faced ink clotting issue for leaving the printer for just over one week. There might be some other factors which affected that clot, but to be on the safe side I’d advise you to print at least once every week. Any random colour page will do.

            Finally, suggest a compact printer: if you’re buying inkjet printers, most of them are compact. If you’re looking for ink tank printers, this is the order I’d place each printer according to the compactness: Epson L3150 < Brother T310/510 < Canon G3000 < HP 410. HP printers consume a lot of width due to the ink tank construction. See this image to get a gist of their dimensions: https://imgur.com/a/coP8K35
            I did this for someone who was looking for a printer that’d fit in his 4 x 2 ft laptop table.

    17. Sam

      Hi John,
      I am confused between a 410 and a 415. We have minimal printing requirements but would very ,much like airplay printing. which would you recommend?

      1. John M

        Hi Sam,

        Both of them have similar hardware, except for the ink tank. HP 415 has a bigger tank resulting in higher page yield. In your case, both of them suits well. About the AirPrint support, customers have reported that HP 410 series printers support AirPrint application, so I believe this is a good pick. If your budget allows, go with HP 415, or if you are looking for cheaper variant, go with HP 410.

      2. vinod

        John, Thank you for your help it is highly appreciated.

    18. sam

      Thanks John,
      You are super helpful. I was reading your earlier post and you also mentioned the EPSON L3150. If you had to choose between the 415 and the Epson which would you pick?
      I def want an ink tank wireless all in one with AirPrint but like I mentioned, we don’t do a lot of printing.

      Lastly would you recommend printing photos on these printers?

      1. John M

        Hi Sam,

        Definitely HP 415, spare parts are cheaper with HP and great service too. Epson is good too, but I prefer HP more.

        If you are looking for studio-quality prints, you should look into photo printers which have more colour support. With normal ink tank printers, you can get average quality prints (like the ones we see in passport size photos). Use glossy paper to get the best results.

    19. Theja

      hello, Does the HP 410 and HP 415 use the same print head? my printer 415 color print head can be replaced using 410 color print head?

      1. John M

        Hi Theja,

        Yes, both of them use the same print head. Actually they are named after the ink name (GT 51 & GT 52).

    20. Suresh

      HI John,
      requirement is,
      1. Weekly 10-15 pages (out of color 5),
      2. Low maintenance (per print cost)
      3. longevity
      4. print, scan and copy
      5. wireless
      6. compact (if possible)

      Please advice, thanks in advance.

      1. John M

        Hi Suresh,

        Let me try to answer it in the order you listed:

        1. Any ink tank printer will do.

        2. Also any ink tank printer will do. The spare parts cost is considerably less for HP printers.

        3. Same

        4. Same

        5. HP 410 series, Epson L3150 series, Canon G3000 series and Brother DCP T510W

        6. Most compact Epson L3150 series printers, then Brother DCP T510W, next in line is both Canon G3000 series and HP 410 series (the least compact)

    21. Sandy

      Hi John.i am looking for a printer for home use for kids. Total would be around 50 pages a month..Which one to buy ? Hp 410,415 or 419 ? Thanks

      1. John M

        Hi Sandy,

        You can pick HP 410 or HP 415 since that will do the job. If you are tight on the budget pick whichever is available for a cheap rate. Even the HP 410 can bear your print requirement.

        1. latha

          so 419 is the highest (price and specs) one?
          also wifi means do we need to have wifi router to connect both the devices (printer and phone/laptop/pc)?
          or no need a router

          1. John M

            Hi Latha,

            Yes HP 419 is the costliest option, but sometimes the price fluctuates below HP 415 (when some new seller offers the printer at a discounted rate).

            Regarding the WiFi, these printers come with in-built WiFi router, so you don’t need another router to access the printer wirelessly. This printer also supports WiFI direct.

    22. Dr. Sudeep Sircar

      Hi John
      At the outset I must admit that i am really impressed with your reviews.
      I need a wifi ink tank printer with Apple Air Print compatible with my Apple iPad 7th gen 10.2 inch and other mobile device printing. My usage is low to moderate for home/small office purpose. A monochrome single function ink tank wifi printer might do as well.
      Is HP 410 or 415 or 419 Apple Air Print compatible?
      Pls reply asap 🙏
      Dr. Sudeep Sircar

      1. John M

        Hi Sudeep,

        If you are looking for a monochrome single function printer with AirPrint compatibility I’d suggest Laser printers such as Brother HL-L2351DW. Laser printers are a better option when printing black/white documents.

        If you are only looking for ink tank printers try this monochrome ink tank printer Canon GM2070. This printer does not specify about its compatibility with AirPrint, but you can use their iOS app Canon PRINT Inkjet/SELPHY to print from iPad or iPhone.

        If you want a colour ink tank printer you can pick HP 410 series (410, 415, 419) or Brother DCP-T510W. Above printers support AirPrint and are well suited for your needs.

    23. Santhosh

      Hi John,

      I am planning to buy printer for home use, but I was bit confused after going throw all printer reviews.

      Coming to print quality which one is better among below printers.
      I know all these printers using same technology but if I want you to pick one among below printers based on print quality which one you pick.

      Bronter DCP t710w ( As per your list this printer is in 1st position, but in con section you mentioned “Print Quality A Bit Low”)
      EPSON L3150
      HP 419

      1. John M

        Hi Santhosh,

        I wrote Brother printer’s print quality as low because it’s not suitable to print Colour photos when compared to Canon and HP printers which are used by actual studios for doing minor photo prints Brother and Epson printers are more suited for document printing (Colour and monochrome). If you’re planning to buy Epson L3150, consider it’s latest variant L3152. Both Brother and Epson have a similar print quality due to the similarities in their print technology. HP 419 is a great printer, good at printing photos (like Canon G3012). Part replacements are cheaper with HP printers, that’s another point to consider.

        I’d suggest Brother DCP-T710W because of the features they provide at that price point.

        1. Santhosh

          Thank you John for the quick and detail explanation.

    24. Vlad

      Hi John,
      Regarding the paper weight used, is there any difference between 419 and 415? The main purpose of buying this printer is color pictures on heavy paper (up to 300 g/m2 on A4’s). My brother got 419 and has no problems on printing on 180 g/m2, and small difficulties for 200+ g/m2. However, the shops around are out of 419, and offer me 415 instead. Do you think I will be able to use 180+ g/m2 papers on 415 (A4), same as my brother does on 419?
      Thank you a lot!

      1. John M

        Hi Vlad,

        HP 415 and 419 has the same setup, you will get identical performances in both of these printers. And you can print 180+ GSM sheets with HP 415.

        1. Vlad

          Thank you a lot John! Being newbie in this it’s difficult to make a choice. Now I will place the order for 415. Wish you all the best!

    25. Anand B

      Hi John,
      Kudos to you for answering to each and every query posted. Appreciate your help in selecting a printer. I need to get one ASAP, Its for home use only. Due to online classes there is need for print outs and worksheets for my son and my wife who is a teacher needs to print occasional on line material in B&W mostly.
      – Colour printer – (Not very frequent usage )
      – Wireless
      – All in one function ( fax not needed)
      – Lack of space – so not very bulky if possible
      – Ink Tank or Laser I will leave it to your suggestion. I was more inclined toward Ink Tank as easy to refill against toner (I think)
      – Budget between 10-15 K – can stretch a little if really worth it or necessary
      – Print from mobile ( good to have )
      – Economical printing cost and enough service centre in Mumbai
      Shortlisted are Cannon 3010 , HP 515 (since this is a newer one ) – Open to suggestions.
      Anand B

      1. John M

        in Hi Anand,

        Regarding your question ink tank or laser: I’d suggest you to pick ink tank because Corona is temporary, assignments are permanent :). Colour printers are more future-proof these days.

        The one’s you picked are good printers. HP 515 and Canon G3000 series printers are compact-wireless printers. I’d like to add HP 410 series (preferably 419) and Brother T710W, which are well below your price point and offer great value for money. HP 419 is actually very similar to HP 515 except for the Bluetooth connectivity. HP 515 uses a new version of ink (GT 53) which HP claims to have better print quality. I couldn’t confirm this claim because it’s new. If that claim isn’t valid, the extra 2-3k spend on this printer is a waste. HP 419, on the other hand, is a reliable device with a good track record. But HP 419 printer has a width of 52 cm. HP 515 is much more compact. I have made a graphical representation of printer dimensions in a 4 x 2 feet table, this might give you an idea.

        Brother T710W is another great printer under 15k. It has additional features like ADF, so if you need to scan long-form of sheets (like legal size paper), you can use this function.

        Canon G3010 is very similar to HP 419 except its compatibility with macOS. Canon printers are also known for its print quality with colour photos.

        All of them have service centres in Mumbai and allows to print using smartphones.

        1. Anand B

          Thanks John, appreciate the revert. The Brother T710W and HP is about 17K on amazon. I am sure process will fluctuate. From the HP or Cannon what do you suggest based on durability and print refill cost ? I saw the Brother T710W and surely seems high on feature list , the Brother has a good print speed. From the HP/Canon is better ? should I freeze on the Canon G3010 tried and tested ? I don’t use MacOS or go for the HP

          Thanks again

          1. John M

            Regarding the price, its due to high demand after the lockdown. All of the main sellers are sold out, but they restock every week (Monday I believe).

            If you don’t have use for ADF you should just stick with HP 419 or Canon 3010. They normally priced around 12,000 to 13,500. If the price is above that try later. Brother DCP T710W is below 14,000.

            Print quality is pretty much the same. Canon has an edge on photo printing. If you’re into that kinda stuff you should go with that.

    26. Anand B

      Thank John for the quick revert. Brother sure seems feature packed and its got a fast printing speed but the Brother T710W and the Hp 419 are priced at about 17K on amazon. From the Canon G3010 and the HP 419 or 515(as its compact + newer) and the brother which can you recommend on print quality and economic refill cost please ? which should I freeze on ?

    27. Shruthi

      Hi John,

      The review and your responses to the queries has been really helpful! Thanks a lot!!

      I wanted to know the difference between HP 319 and HP 419. If I am OK to use USB for printing, can I go with HP 319 given that its of much lower cost?

      1. John M

        Hi Shruthi,

        They are the same, hardware-wise and software-wise. The only difference is the wireless connectivity. If wired connectivity (USB 2.0) is enough for you, you should definitely stick with HP 310 series.

    28. Shruthi

      Thanks a lot for your prompt Response, John!

    29. Abhishek

      hi John,
      I have purcahsed Hp 419 printer but when printing photographs Black colour (like hairs, eyes) is not drying and when rubbing with fingers black colour is getting out of paper. What os the problem

      1. John M

        Hi Abhishek,

        It’s highly unlikely. However, these are some common advises while printing images.

        1. Always print fro PC or laptop and select paper type as photo paper (VERY IMPORTANT). When we print from mobile, you might not see that option.

        2. It’s advised not to rub the printouts right after you print it. Give the ink some time to set.

        3. After printing images lay the paper on a flat surface with the image facing upward. And don’t put anything above that printout.

        I hope these tips will solve your issue.

    30. Mani

      Ink is not available anywhere for HP 410 series. Whether any printer issue or due to lockdown

      1. John M

        Hi Mani,

        Did you try HP store? Check here. Or you can just call them to find out HP world near you.

    31. Srinivas

      Mr.John Really find your reviews helpful.
      Need your help on 3 things
      1.Looking for a printer with auto 2 side printing
      2.Good servicing in Hyderabad
      3.Best print color &B/W, Color Scanner

    32. Sakshi

      Is there any difference in the number of ink bottles provided with hp 410 & hp 419. I enquired with the hp team regarding this and they gave ambiguous statements each times. Sometimes they say xl bottle is provided with hp 419 and sometimes they say that the number of bottles provided are same. However i check on amazon and according to the customer reviews, 5 ink bottles (2 xl black ink and 3 coloured ink) are provided with 419 whereas only 4 with 410. Do you have any idea about this? Thanks in advance.

      1. John M

        Hi Sakshi,

        The ink bottles attached with each printer might vary according to their offer; they usually provide just one of each colour. They both use the same ink. Every ink has two types of bottles normal ones and XL ones. XL means the quantity will be more, but it’s the same ink. If you are asking about the ink bottles received when purchasing the printer, I think they will most probably give 70ml + 135ml bottles, where only the black ink will be XL (135ml)

    33. Shashwat

      Hello John,
      Excellent review & responses here.

      I am looking for a home use printer mainly for kids assignments & online class activities.
      My requirement is around 15-20 pgs per week. Would prefer WiFi connectivity.

      Am largely undecided between an Ink-advantage or Int-Tank printer.
      I was about to buy HP 3636, when it went Out of stock. For InkTank, i am finding HP 410 as a decent choice.

      How do I choose between HP3636 & HP 410? Some pointers may help.


      1. John M

        Hi Shashwat,

        If you’re looking for a long-term solution, I would definitely go with HP 410 since ink tank printer’s better print performance and cost-effectiveness. Rather than that, you have a print requirement of above 50 sheets per month; with ink advantage printers you should change cartridges every 2-3 months. Ink tank printers can run up to 6 months.

    34. C.Palani

      Hello Mr.John,
      Can you suggest epson L4160 and HP 419 which is the best.


      1. John M

        Hi Palani,

        L4160 and HP 419 are not even in the same league. Epson L4160 is definitely better. It has better print speed, better performance and has advanced features like automatic duplex printing.

        HP 419 is more of a mid-range printer and fulfils needs of small office requirements. If you don’t need higher print speed or automatic duplex printing, you should go with HP 419 since it’s cheaper than L4160.

    35. Rashmi

      Great information
      Is hp 410 has any demerit over 415 /419
      Does 410 has wifi, Bluetooth function. Can we operate it using mobile

      1. John M

        Hi Rashmi,

        The only thing missing from HP 410 compared to 415 and 419 is a bigger tank. Due to the small ink tank, the page yield will be low (no sacrifice in terms of operating cost). HP 410 series has Wi-Fi connectivity in-built so you can connect with any device that supports WiFi. But it doesn’t have Bluetooth connectivity, but in most cases, Wi-Fi will do the trick for us.

    36. Anil Kumar Peesapati

      Hi John,

      Good Day^

      Does HP 415 offers Air Print and can you suggest other brand equivalent to HP 415 with same or low-cost printers.

      1. John M

        Hi Anil,

        Users have reported that they have printed using AirPrint with HP 410 series printer (although they haven’t explicitly mentioned that in their website). Even if a wireless printer doesn’t support AirPrint you can rather print from manufacturer’s iOS software.

        Other printers in the similar price range are Brother DCP-T510W, Canon G3012 (not sure about AirPrint support but has an iOS app), HP 515 and Epson L3152 (not sure about AirPrint support but has an iOS app)

    37. Prashant

      Can I print 240-300 GSM A4 size photo papers?
      The HP website only shows support for HP 10 x 15 cm photo paper: up to 300 g/m².
      Support for A4 size photo paper papers upto 300 GSM is not mentioned.

      Printer – 410/415/419

      1. John M

        Hi Prashant,

        Yes, you can use 300 GSM sheet as long as it is in a supported dimension by the printer.

    38. Bhushan

      Does it support pasport size photos

      1. John M

        Hi Bhushan,

        Yes, you just need to size it properly in an editor (like photoshop)

    39. Shankar

      Which do you suggest for home/ small office?

      Canon Pixma G3010 or HP 415/419 or Epson L4150

      1. John M

        If you have more than 500 prints per month, I would recommend L4150. If you have less requirement than that, I’d recommend HP 419.

    40. YR

      hi John, I am looking for AIO printer, scanner, with ADF and duplex printing/scanning capacity. Prefer ink tank so its cheaper. please suggest a good one within Rs20k. thanks.

    41. YR

      – Wireless. ADF. Duplex print and scan. monthly print of around 300 pages. home office use. budget Rs20K

    42. Rajesh

      Hi John,
      I want to buy a printer for my kid education. My requirement here is, I may print 2-3 pages per week or sometime more than that. Could you please suggest which printer shall I go for it (410, 415,419 or something else). Appreciate your response.

      1. John M

        Hi Rajesh,

        I’d suggest HP 415. It has the optimum price and specifications for home/school use.

    43. Aditya Narayan

      Hi John I guess your statement needs some correction. The HP 415 and 419 have the same PCB and PU which makes them same. The only diff. is the inclusion of two high volume bottles with the 419 else both deals are the same. I have been an owner to a 419 and now am using 415(my 419 took pest damage). I would say if you are a teal fan go for 419. It looks way more attractive.

      1. John M

        Thanks for the suggestion, I greatly appreciate your input.

        For the most part 415 and 419 are the same. Some sources suggest that there’s a software difference between them to justify the price change. That’s why I gave an improved page yield for 419.

        If you think both of them are the same, why would you suggest 419, the costlier variant? Just because of the looks?

        1. Aditya Narayan

          Sorry for the eternity late reply. Yes I took away my both printers apart and swapped the logic board and the relay wires and guess what the printers made no differences in quality and stuff and the 415 was functioning as 419. IF AT ALL THERE IS A CHANGE IN FIRMWARE IT IS VERY MILD AND UNNOTICEABLE……

          1. Sohan

            Is hp 419 good for photos printing

    44. Tanish

      Hi John, kudos to your responses and help.

      I want to buy a printer for home use. my usage would be a few b/w prints for office/kids and color printouts – primarily photos etc. Do you advise going for ink tank printers? if yes, which would be a better choice between HP419 and Canon G3010 or if I should consider any other model/brand? Also, if you can throw some light on the following:
      1. Which one is better when it comes to ink cost, spare parts cost and service?
      2. Which is more durable, in the long run, considering if the printer is used only once/twice every two weeks?
      3. Which one prints better colored images/ photos?

      Thanks in advance.

      1. John M

        Hi Tanish,

        Looking at your requirements, I’d suggest an ink tank printer. HP 419 is a great pick. Ink cost is the same with all printers so you don’t need to worry about that. The main concern will be availability. With HP you can buy ink from their store or HP care near you. HP has good overall performance; you can print decent colour photos and documents.

        Canon printers are known for their photo print quality. If you have a lot of images to print, you should look into Canon G3012. Although the ink availability might be lower than HP.

    45. anil

      can able to give printing through mobile wifi in HP419 model?

      1. John M


        1. mohneesh mittal

          Dear John,

          Have read all your responses so in short need your inputs for final decision as found ur knowledge and responses the point / detailed & Helpful.

          1. Value add of display which is available in G3010 and not in G3000 ( Cheapest )
          2. Printing pixel / Quality for Document and Image for HP (415/419) vs Canon G3000/3010
          3. Paper Feed options as i read in HP multiple size of paper can be feed so is it same for canon also
          4. Printer Head Life Hp vs Canon
          5. HP/Canon vs Epson/Brother

          I m buying it for home use where use will be minimal approx 30-40 pages per month and some photos which we click and want to use for photo frames or decorative purpose.

    46. Lambert

      Sir I would like to establish if really does have a customer service department. I own a 415, but the PC reads it as a 410 c, no drivers disk came with the product, did download and online installation from HP’s site. Just 410 drivers available for the 415. They are not responding to any communication directed at them at all. No feedback from, does HP have a real customer care service. They were very fast with their rating request and that was the last I heard from them. Your insight and advice would be appreciated and highly regarded. Kind regards Lambert Fick

    47. PrasannaKumar M

      Firstly, thanks for a great comparo! I was struggling to know the difference between these three models.
      Can any of these printers be used to print borderless/edge to edge on any custom sized paper?
      Like, say I have a paper which is 3.7 inches by 8 inches, will I be able to print edge to edge or borderless as they call it? Thanks in Advance!

    48. Noushad

      Hi John , I confused to buy a printer for home and kids use . which would be better choice between hp 410/415/419 and Epson l3150/l3152 printer .

    49. AVINASH


    50. AVINASH

      HP 410

    51. AVINASH


    52. Abhi

      Hello John,
      I need an AIO printer with wireless connectivity and ios support as i use multiple ios devices. Planning to buy a macbook soon as well. I’m also a hobbyist photographer so i need to print photographs regularly for framing. ADF and other functionalities are not that important for me. Budget is within 20k. Confused between HP 419, canon 3012 and epson L3152. Which one should i buy?

    53. Saurabh

      hello John.
      Is it possible to print on both sides of the paper with HP 410/415/419 series printers?

      1. John M

        Yes, but not automatically. You have to follow the instructions given by the software and turn the pages from the tray.

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