Epson EcoTank L3150 Ink Tank Printer Review 2020

Epson EcoTank L3150 Ink Tank Printer








Print Quality



  • Wireless Printing
  • Low Cost Per Print
  • Automatic Cleaning Available
  • Spill-free Refilling
  • Border-less Printing


  • Limited Support With Apple Products
  • Complex Installation
  • Little Noisey
  • No ADF

Epson EcoTank L3150 Specifications

Epson L3150
FunctionalityPrint, Scan and Copy
Cost Per Print7 Paise For B/W
18 Paise For Color
ConnectivityWired & Wireless
Supported OSWindows XP or higher.
(Mac OS has reported issues)
Cost Per Refill
(Prints more than 2500 prints)
1400 Rs
(Black*300 + CYM*350)
Print Speed
(According to ISO Standards)
Black~33 Pages Per Minute
Color~15 Pages Per Minute
Power UsageLow
ADFNot available
Noise level38~52 d8
PriceNo products found.


Epson has launched L3150 the ultimate multi-functional printer for home users, with some great features. I am here with a comprehensive Epson EcoTank L3150 ink tank printer review to clear doubts for all of those who are confused about either to buy it or not.

If you’ve purchased a printer anywhere in between 1995 and 2010, you might’ve probably purchased an inkjet printer. Conventional printers have very poor print quality and it will run out of ink every 200 pages or so of printing. There is also a chance of ink drying up, this means that you’d need to keep printing now and then to ensure the printer works properly. Also, these printers have expensive cartridges that are extremely difficult to refill.

With the advancement in technology, inkjet printers have now been evolved to a new generation of printers called ink tank printers. Such ink tank printers print with an ink reservoir which makes printing cheaper compared to inkjet printers. Ink tank printers are compact. You don’t need to keep the printer in motion regularly since its ink does not dry out that easily.

To be able to give people access to printing anywhere in the world, Epson has launched affordable printing with its Epson Eco Tank L3150 Ink Tank printer. Epson’s strategy with this printer is to bring down costs and bring up productivity.

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Courtesy Epson India


Difference Between Epson L3152 Vs. L3150

Epson L3152 and L3150 are two very similar printers that have only two core differences: OS support and firmware version. Epson released L3150 in early 2018, which was a grand success for them due to the affordability of that device. But after its successful run, users reported an issue regarding its support with macOS (OS X). Although Epson has explicitly mentioned that the L3150 supports macOS, several users found it does not work properly with Apple PCs and laptops.

The issue was further escalated into Apple technicians, and it turns out they are helpless in this case. So to overcome this issue, Epson made some software updates to rectify the compatibility problems with macOS and made it the successor of L3150: Epson L3152.

Epson also updated the firmware version, which gave a slight improvement in print quality and ink efficiency. The new firmware version can handle ink effectively so it can reduce ink wastage significantly.

Epson EcoTank L3150 Ink Tank Printer Review

This printer is an all-in-one printer with print-scan-copy features. The main attraction of Epson EcoTank L3150 is its Cost Per Print, it is as low as 7 paise per black print and 18 paise per colour print. This makes it a perfect printing solution for home and small offices, for regular or heavy usage (more than 2000 pages per month).

The printer comes with a pack of four spill-free 70 ml ink bottles of colours Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, and Black. The printer can print 4500 pages per 70 ml black ink bottle and 7500 pages for colour. Refilling is easy, unlike inkjet printers. The only precaution you need to take while refilling is not to touch the printer heads. The printer head has automatic and manual cleaning options. It allows you to go without printing for 20-30 days, so you can use the printer as needed without having to worry about the ink drying. The print head has a life span from 3-5 years.
The WiFi Direct connectivity allows you to connect up to 4 devices to a printer without a router. The printer installation is free of cost to the customer. This printer has a 1 year or 30000 prints warranty (whichever is earlier).

Features Of Epson EcoTank L3150


Epson EcoTank L3150 with dimensions of 37.5×34.7×17.9 cm, due to its compact size you can fit it anywhere in your room, without making serious adjustments. Weighing 4.5kg, this printer is easy to move as needed.

Print And Scan Properties

Epson EcoTank L3150 printer is equipped with a standard cassette input tray. The printer supports A4, A5, A6, B5, C6, DL paper sizes while printing at a rate of up to 33 ppm. This means you can print about 33 B/W pages per minute while 15 colour pages per minute depending on what is getting printed (These numbers are verified through ISO standards). Print resolution for each print is 5760 x 1440 dpi which ensures you get a fine, non-pixelated image on each print.

This printer has a Flatbed colour image scanner with an optical resolution of 1200 x 2400 dpi. The scan speed in 200 dpi mode is as follows:

  • B/W: 11 Seconds
  • Colour: 28 Seconds

Refill Costs

Spill-free, error-free refilling. Courtesy Epson India

Unlike inkjet printers which have costly cartridges, Epson’s L3150 ink tank printer refills at about half the price. The four ink bottles come with a transparent side on each side that helps you know when the bottle needs a refill. You can order a complete set of ink or individual inks as required.

You can check ink availability and price here.


Epson EcoTank L3150 ink tank printer supports both wired and wireless connectivity. Wired connectivity is the conventional USB 2.0 interface. With this, you can easily connect to any PC or laptop.
The most preferred mode of connectivity is through WiFi. It allows you to print documents from anywhere in the world with the help of the Internet. All you need to do is connect the device to the Internet.

These are the features supported by Epson Connect:

  • Epson iPrint: Allows you to print from and scan directly to your smart device or online cloud storage services.
  • Epson Email Print: Allows you to print to any Email Print-enabled Epson printer from any device or PC with email access.
  • Remote Print Driver: Allows you to print to a compatible Epson printer anywhere in the world via the Internet using a PC with Remote Print driver.
  • Google Cloud Print: Allows you to print directly from an Android smartphone, tablet or PC using your Google account.

Things We Did Not Like About Epson EcoTank L3150

  1. Support with Apple products: Apple owners, beware. Although the printer is compatible with Apple products, support with Apple products is limited. Apple owners should be cautious because apparently, Apple has stopped support for this product. If you’re looking for Mac supported printer Check this review out: Epson L130 Printer Review
  2. Installation: Although you can avail of free installation for this printer, it requires some knowledge to be able to install the printer by oneself.
  3. Printer noise: The printer was found to be a little noisy(38~52dB) especially in a quiet room.
  4. Sheet feeder flap quality low: The sheet feeder flap of the printer is added to guide the input paper and help keep dust from settling on feed rollers. This flap is delicate and might come off if not handled with care.
  5. No automatic duplex: The printer will not be able to print both sides of the same page on its own. Human intervention is needed to perform back-to-back printing.


Epson Eco Tank L3150 is one of the best multi-functional ink tank printers that comes at an affordable price. If you are looking for a printing solution to print about 100-200 prints/week, I highly recommend this printer. If you are an Apple user, you should stay away from this product since its rapport with Apple devices is not that great.

No products found.

John M

I love computer devices of all kinds! I am particularly interested in productivity devices such as printers. I remember my first printer back in 2008, which was an awesome experience for me. I learned a lot of things after that experience. I intend to share my experience through this blog. That way I can make others understand the nuances and help them to make the right purchase decision.

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  1. Romit Sanghvi

    Hello , How much does a print head cost (ink tank printer Epson L3152)?
    After printing how many papers do i need to change it?

  2. John M

    Hi Romit,

    Each manufacturer prices their print heads in different price ranges. For Epson, the price is certainly above 3000 INR. For an exact range, it’d be better if you’d contact an Epson service personnel.

    About the print head life, it is mostly said in years (about 3-4 years), but correct way to assess is by looking at the print quality. If you see lines or distortions in your prints, it probably (not necessarily) means you need to change print heads.

  3. Arun

    Hi, can you advise best home use all-in-one printer which are compatible for both apple and non-apple products.

      1. Madhav

        HI John, i m looking for OCR feature. In which model can we get this feature ?

        i.e. OCR nothing but it scans the document and gives us the editable word format.

  4. Nawaz

    How can I choose between Epson L3152 v/s Brother T510w

    1. John M

      Hi Nawaz,
      For me, Brother DCP-T510W wins by a mile. It has better print speed, a small display screen, high GSM support and high paper tray capacity compared to Epson L3152. If you need more information, please read my post on Epson L3152 Vs Brother DCP-T510W Printer Comparison

  5. nitin

    Wao Great level of Detailing.

    Can you help me provide detail for L3156 apparently nothing is available online. I had zeroed in to purchase L3150 but after reading your review about incompatibility with Apple Phone/Tabs I am confused. Has the Mac compatibility improved in L3156 and are there any Other improvements in 3156 over L3150/3152.

    Kindly revert to help me finalise- will be a great help


    1. John M

      Hi Nitin,

      Epson L3156 is very similar to L3150/3151/3152 apart from the colour (obviously). Regarding Mac compatibility, reports show that Epson fixed that issue from L3152 onwards, so you’d be fine if you buy either L3152 or L3156. As for improvements, Epson L3156 has the same hardware as L3152, the only difference might be in the software side, an improved firmware maybe. But still very identical performance.

  6. nitin

    Thanks a Ton !!

  7. Srini

    Hi John
    If i have to choose between Epson L3150, L3152 and L4150, which one do you suggest. I would be requiring this for home usage only.

    1. John M

      Hi Srini,

      Considering your usage, I’d suggest L3152. There ain’t much difference between them and it’s priced lower than L4150.

  8. Srini

    Thank you very much John…

  9. Karthik

    I am looking for ALL in one printer for home. 2 main use, prints for my kids assignment and I want to scan all my childhood pics. Also should support wifi. Currently I am checking HP 410/415 and Epson l3150. Not sure which one is good. Please suggest if I can go for other printers as well.

    1. John M

      Hi Karthik,
      Pick any from HP 415 or Epson L3152 (better version of Epson L3150). Both of these printers are suited for your needs.

  10. Ganesh

    Hi John….

    Your review and answers are very helpful, thanks.
    I am looking for a home aio printer and would value your suggestion on suitable models.

    The two things that matter to me most are:
    Durability of print..ie prints should not fade in a few months.
    Photocopy quality should be almost as good as one taken on a photocopier.

    I think I may print just about a 100 pages per month but still interested in an ink tank printer. (for info I do not presently have a printer at home and have gone to shop to do my printing something I want to avoid henceforth given present environment cuz covid19)

    1. John M

      Hi Ganesh,

      I understand your concerns. Most of the budget ink tank printers exhibit similar print quality and lifetime. So I won’t suggest you to go with a particular printer to get long-lasting print quality. If you don’t need WiFi connectivity you should go with HP 315 or 319. If you need a WiFi printer I’d suggest to go with HP 415 or Epson L3152. Stay home, stay healthy.

  11. Viney

    Hi John,
    I just gone to you review. Please also help me in comparing the ink cost comparison between HP 410 & Epson L3152.


    1. John M

      Hi Viney,

      I have written an article about it, you can check it out here.

  12. Piyush

    Hi John,
    I am confused between L3152, hp 419 and brother t510w regarding the print quality.
    Kindly suggest.

    1. John M

      Hi Piyush,

      Print quality is similar in all three. HP is better at servicing their products and has cheaper replacements. Epson has their patented printing technology which gives it a slight edge over the print quantity and efficiency. Brother printers are a workhorse with a practical design and they are known to last longer. Choose the one most resembles your requirement.

  13. Muthiah

    Hi john,

    As per Epson 3152 is Amazon Exclusive 3150 model. So do u think 3152 is better than 3150 ?.
    Also is 3156 is the latest ? Is there any difference between Epson 3152/3151.


    1. John M

      Hi Muthiah,

      Epson L3151 is Flipkart exclusive and L3152 is Amazon exclusive. As per some sources, the firmware is new in both L3151 &L3152. This might improve the print efficiency and the issues with MacOS compatibility. Nothing serious, but some little tweaks. If you’re planning to buy one, I’d recommend either L3151 or L3152.

      Regarding L3156, I couldn’t find any differences in hardware, and the performance is almost identical. I believe it’s just a “White edition” of L3150 series.

  14. Vinay

    As per Epson website L3150 and L3152 are the same hardware and software. L3150 is the generic printer range and L3152 is the ‘amazon’ version of the same.

    1. Chinmay

      Yes correct; I can confirm the same … there is no difference between L3150/1/2 models and they are all the same. L3156 is just a different color (white). As per Epson there is no difference in any of them.

  15. Nikhil

    Hello, i am getting confused in between Canon G3010 and Epson l3152, I want to buy for photo printing for official work, So atleast 180 gsm paper i will use and epson has capacity of only 180 gsm paper, and in canon printing is slow as compared to epson, so please tell me which one will be suitable for me. Where i can compromise. Thanks

    1. John M

      Hi Nikhil,

      For photo printing, I’d suggest Canon printers. They have a proven track record with photo printing, and the paper support is up to 220 GSM. Print speed, in my opinion, is similar, I don’t know how it’ll vary when we are printing glossy paper.

  16. Nicola

    We cannot work out how to connect our devices a Google chrome book and iPhone to the Epson L 3151 please help?!

    1. John M

      Hi Nicola,

      To print from iPhone download iPrint from AppStore then try printing after connecting phone with the printer. Regarding the chrome book, I’m not sure if the printer is compatible or not. But maybe you should try this tutorial. Click Let’s get started and follow the instructions.

  17. Amit

    If i consider just printing how is it different from L130 ? As i really do not need the other features and can live with not having wifi connect. But need to know if the printing quality differs ?

    1. John M

      Hi Amit,

      If you believe printing is your only requirement you should stick with L130. The print quality is similar since both of these printers use on-demand piezoelectric printing technique. If you are interested in cheap single-function printers, check this article: Cheap Ink Tank Printers

  18. Pramisha

    Hi John,
    Please suggest a printer – for home usage, especially for my kid’s projects/assignments – lots of color print outs. i have checked l3150 as per your blog. l3152 is not available in Amazon as of now. i also wanted to know how many pages it can print. though in the site/description it says 4500/7500, but i doubt it. can you please confirm on the number of pages? since i need to print a lot of color pages, i would like the printer to be cost effective based on number of pages before next refill. Speed is not a problem for me.
    please suggest if any other good printer will be appropriate for my usage. thanks a lot.
    best regards,

    1. John M

      Hi Pramisha,

      Your observation on page yield is accurate. They use a standardised document to measure the page yield. The page yield will vary according to the type of document and print quality we select. It will always be lesser than the value they provide. If you print images with a lot of details, the page yield will be around 1,500 pages. If you just need to print documents with very few images, you can expect anything around 3,000 to 4,000 pages. And if you pick the quality as “Best” in the print properties, the page yield will also come down.

      This is the case with all of the printers out there. And the ink tank printer is the best option for colour prints.

      My suggestion in your price range: HP 415/419, Canon G3010, Epson L3156, Brother DCP-T510W.

      Just make sure to print once in a week.

  19. vamse

    Hi John

    can you advise me best home use (for my kids) all-in-one printer which are compatible for both apple and non-apple

    wat abt this If i have to choose between Epson L3150, and L4150 (wifi) . or plz suggest me a good printer

    1. John M

      Hi Vamse,

      In your case, it’s better to go with HP or Epson. HP 415/419 might be perfect for your requirements also Epson L3152/L3156 (latest versions of L3150). L4150 would be overkill; you might not need that a workhorse like L4150.

      1. Vanji

        Hi John,

        My requirement is 3500 b/c pages per month. I’m ok to pay extra cost for extended warranty. Kindly suggest a best printer for my requirement.


  20. Vanji

    Hi John,

    My requirement is 3500 pages (includes colour &black) per month. I’m ok with wired or wireless ones. I need extended warranty as well for which I can pay.Could please let me know the best printer for my need?


    1. John M

      Hi Vanji,

      3,500 prints per month seem like a high print requirement. If you don’t need features like scanning and copying you should look into Canon G5070 (normally costs around 12,000 Rs) It has some advanced features like wireless printing and automatic duplex printing.

      If you are looking for mid-range all-in-one printer, you should check Wi-Fi printers like HP 419, HP 515, Canon G3012, Epson L3156 and Brother DCP-T510W. These printers can fulfil your requirements, but you might need to sacrifice a bit on the speed of printing.

      If you can spend a bit more (~17-19k) I’d recommend these printers: Brother DCP-T710W (below 15k), HP 530 and Epson L4160. You can enjoy advanced features like ADF (only in T710W and 530) or automatic duplex printing (only in L4160).

      If you have a higher budget (say 20k+) you should look into Brother MFC-T910DW (ADF + duplex), Epson L6160 (ADF + duplex) and Canon G6070 (duplex only).

  21. Vanji

    Thank you John.. could you also update which brand (canon, eposon or hp) provide extend warranty for printer heads and other parts…

    1. John M

      Hi Vanji,

      I have seen HP providing extended warranty through their own store, but you can also buy from third party insurance companies like OnsiteGo. They provide warranty services identical to the manufacturer warranty for an extended period of 1 year or 2 years.

  22. Ravi

    Hi John,

    I am looking for home printer for average usage (i.e may be 10-15 page print per day) . I am inclined towards Ink Tank printers and need wifi. Is auto duplex feature better or manual duplex ? Interms of service which is better Epson or HP or Canon ? Whose inks are cheaper Epson or HP ?

    1. John M

      Hi Ravi,

      Auto duplexing will only become handy if you need mass printing regularly. If you are an ordinary user with occasional mass printing, you can work it out with manual duplex printing. Service of the three companies you mentioned in the comment is similar. I’d recommend HP 415 or Epson L3152 considering your requirement.

      1. Ravi

        Hi John,

        How are Epson L3110/L3115/L3116 in comparison to Epson L3151/L3152 ? What is lacking in L3110/3115/3116 models ?

        1. John M

          Hi Ravi,

          The only lacking in L3110/3115/3116 is wireless capability. Other than that most of the hardware configurations are similar. Epson l3110 also has some compatibility issues with Mac OS.

      2. Aman

        Hi John
        Please help me to make a choice between l3152 and t710w,picture quality matters 0n glossy papers. Some body told me that l3152 is not good on glossy paper and t710w gave faded color pics.

  23. Raju

    Hi John,
    In this- Epson L3110, L3156, L4150 and Canon G2000, G2012 which one is suitable for heavy work load 2500 pages per month?

    1. John M


      For heavy load, I’d recommend L4150.

  24. Raju

    Include Canon G5070 as well

  25. Santosh Kumar

    Hi John,

    Reading your answers really gave me some clue to buy apt printer for us still i need your quick advise.
    1) Printer must be wireless type
    2) Kids school work like assigments, projects works all in black and white prints.
    3) Colour Photo prints on glossy photo paper to print my kids special actions captured on mobile or camera
    4) Photocopy of few office documents(20-30pages/month).

    Based in above requirements its like printing + Photo printing Wireless printer, can you suggest best budget ink tank printer below 15K INR.
    May be Canon

    1. John M


      Based on the requirements I’d suggest either HP 515 or Canon G3012. Both of them good at printing colour images and copying documents. Canon printers are especially known for printing quality colour photos.

  26. Sarath

    Hey John,

    I’m in dialema of choosing a crct printer, finalised to Canon G1010 & Epson L3156 based on nearby available stock. my requirement is only for printing. I will be printing a total of 3000 b&c A5 pages in a month in my office. Some of my frnds are suggesting to go with canon G1010 as they are were using the same.. could you lighten me with the workload of the 2 printers and suggest the best printer for me?

    Thank you,

    1. John M

      Definitely go with L3156: additional features and great performance.

  27. Sarath

    Thank you John, May I know to how much GSM L3156 support? I heard G1010 support upto 275GSM

    1. John M


      180 GSM is the recommended maximum thickness.

  28. Sarath

    John, Is Epson 3156 is wi-fi only printer or it has usb port?

    1. John M

      It has both Wi-Fi and USB connectivity

  29. Santosh Kumar

    Thanks John for your response, it was really helpful!

  30. Aditya

    Hi John,
    I am seeing ur good and quick replies to all queries asked. I appreciate your work.
    I am looking to buy a printer for the need of my son’s school assignments and for me some 150 to 200 pages office print work. I want a Wifi printer meaning wirless. which one you would recommend seeing to the economy and quantity for the price paid and long run with no technical issues. As my wife would be using it from my house. So she should not have any problem.

    1. John M

      Hi Aditya,

      I’d recommend HP 415 or 419. A perfect fit for your usage.

  31. JP

    Hi John,

    I’m looking to buy a new printer and I saw you’re very responsive to queries so I was wondering if you could help me as well.
    May I know which of these 3 printers would you recommend?
    1) Canon G3010
    2) Epson L3150
    3) Brother DCP-T510W
    They’re very similar in price, features, and specifications so I’m confused which one to get.
    My priority would be the life span and ease of service or repairs.
    This is just for home use and regular printing (light and casual), but I need a printer that would last and is easy and cheap to repair.
    Print quality is also a big factor.

    Hoping for your response,

    1. John M

      Hi JP,

      From the list, you provided I’d say Epson L3150 is the most durable and cheap maintenance printer. Then comes Canon because they have more service centres across India. Brother printers have good performance and value for money, but their customer service is somewhat moderate.

  32. Alex

    Can you please let me know about the quality of Epson EcoTank L6160 and L6190. I read that these two have better print qualty than L3150/51 or 52.

    1. John M

      Hi Alex,

      Yes, the print quality is superior in 6160/6190 they use different printheads.

  33. Bahubali

    I have brought L3156 on 27july

    I have checked total number of pages i print
    It showing 512 b/w and 50color pages

    Black ink fall to half

    I think it will only give me 1000-1200 b/w prints

    But company tells 4500

    Whats your view sir??

  34. Pravin

    Can you please help me to choose best cost effective printer for home use with following considerations.
    I want a printer with max 30 print a month for my child who is in junior kg.
    1. Hp DeskJet 1115 Ink advantage printer.
    As per the actual reviews it’s only print 30-40 pages per cartridge is it true. Should I buy this printer or not? Will it be a costly affair even though I refill as per the trending YouTube video’s, if I not print for 2-3 weeks will it be cost effective?
    2. I also searched for Hp 419 but as per my requirements it seems to be costly. But please suggest should I go ahead with my current requirement max 30 prints a month with this printer or not.
    3. I also suggested to look for Epson l3152 since it’s print head is better than any printer in the market, is it true?
    Please le me know between hp1115/ hp 419/ Epson l3152.
    Thanks for your answer in advance.

  35. Prasad

    Hi John,
    Can you please throw light on the new printer that HP released. HP Deskjet Plus Ink Advantage 6075. It has both wireless and Auto duplex printing and comes at less cost. Can I go for that ?

  36. Arun

    is there any ink tank printer with out scaner that have wifi, becouse nowadays mobile can do the scaning job

  37. Nandhini

    Hi John,

    I’m confused between canon g3411 and epson l3150 model . My requirement is for kids assignment purpose and sometime to print photos not very often.

    1. Which one of the above has low cost per page
    2. Which one has good print quality as I read in review canon is good for photo printing but when I check the specification of both the models the epson one has greater print resolution
    3.how good is the life of print head in these models. And what is the concept of ink pad and which model s better in it.

    As I search lot I’m getting too confused

  38. Raju

    Hi John,
    It is very detailed review.
    I need your sound advice on finalizing the printer among the shortlisted ones within my budget.
    The printers are Brother DCP-T510W, Canon Pixma G3000, HP 419,Epson EcoTank L3150.
    Epson L3150 looks compact and lower weight among all for home usage, however i am not sure about the long term technical issues with Epson brand. Brother printer model is cheapest among these, but i am not sure about the issues and tech support in terms of any issue. HP printer is bulky of all, but friends recommended HP printers. Please provide your thoughts.

  39. Krishna

    Hello John, I need your help deciding between Canon G301x vs Epson L315x
    I want to choose on for below
    1) B&W print / copy quality
    2) color photo
    3) scan quality
    Can you please help me in choosing a model by considering above 3 requirement?

  40. Judith

    Hello John,

    Good Day!

    I’m Judith Cuerpo, I need your help. I need to know if Epson L3150 can print A4 220gsm?
    I will wait for your reponds. Thank you!!

    Best Regards,

  41. Pradeep

    Hi John wish to buy a duplex printer for home use. Please suggest options under 20000rupees. Thanks.

  42. sridhar

    In my shop I was using L 380 since 2 years it is very nice but now the head of the printer is died so I want to buy same print but it’s not available so kindly suggest the printer in this range with same or speed printer thank you

  43. sridhar

    tell me the difference betweem L3110 and L3156 wich is the best in speed.

  44. kavitha

    I am using home as well as office purpose. I wants to scan documents. Is this printer supports legal paper size scanning and duplex printing. If not can you suggest printer which performs both of these

  45. Dewa pkp

    Hi, need your help. Which one do you prefer, epson L3150 or HP 515?


  46. toma

    can i print (copy) my watercolor pictures on 250gr watercolor paper, acid free, 100% cotton watercolor paper (fabriano or similar) on a epson L3150 printer or similar.

  47. Esther mghambi

    My printer header has spoiled L 3150 can I get a replacement. Please Advice

  48. Jean

    Hello, I bought an L3150 because I read almost everywhere that it can print 6-7500 pages in black, and I am here to say that’s a bit far from my truth. I bought it about 6 months ago and I print a max of 15 pages a day, so roughly 15 x 180 = 2700. The printer is already running very low in black ink. Disappointed.

  49. Vithra

    Awesome write up ❤️

  50. YY

    Hi, just bought the Epson 3150 printer on 3rd April 2021. (rest few day no using)The 08th April 2021, i print…all in grey colour. May i know what wrong?

  51. Harsh

    Hi John,

    I have decided to buy Epson L3152 but came across some review videos saying Epson printers are not very long lasting and stats encountering problems in 6 months. Is it true

    1. John M

      Hi Harsh,

      That’s not true; those are their personal opinion. I have seen printers from all brands showing issues before reaching the 6-month term; it is mostly due to some manufacturing error. What I am trying to say is that these kind of things are very rare, and when it happens, it happens regardless of the brand of the printer.

  52. Samuel

    Hi, How can I print A4 bordeless in epson l3150

  53. Ranjan

    I have not used the printer L3150 for about 2 years during this corona lockdown. What Impact/damage I can foresee?

    1. John M

      Mostly ink clot. Other issues might vary according to the conditions you kept your printer.

  54. Jae

    Hello Im having a hard time choosing a printer because I’m planning to start a sticker shop but also want to sell art prints. So this is the features that i like:

    1. Wireless
    2. gsm limit is 250 (since i will use cardstock with a 220-250gsm for my art prints)
    3. budget friendly (still a student so i dont have much money)

    *if there are no wireless printers that are budget friendly its ok if you recommend me a wired one.

    Thank You!

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