Ink tank printers are one of the latest innovation in the printing industry. This is not a new technology, but an improved version of the conventional inkjet technology. The technology is very similar to the good ol’ inkjet printing, the exception being ink storage. Unlike inkjet printers, ink tank printers store ink in an external tank, which will be supplied to the cartridges at the time of printing. By doing that, we can avoid changing cartridges every time we run out of ink. Instead, we can refill the ink using ink bottles.

With the invent of ink tank printers in 2014, users are finally free from expensive ink cartridges. Instead, we can use ink tank printers that have lower ink cost and higher page yield. Although conventional inkjet printers seem more affordable from the outside, due to its low page yield and high cartridge price it is not economical at all. Using ink tank printers we can reduce the maintenance cost by half!!

The famous printer manufacturer Epson introduced ink tank printers through their SmartTank series. From then on, popular brands like HP, Canon and Brother has been using it. As of now, ink tank printers are considered to be one of the best (if not the best) multi-purpose printers out there.

In this page, you can find individual product reviews and product comparisons of different ink tank printers.

HP 310 VS 315 VS 319 Printer Review

Canon is one of the pioneer brands in the printing industry, which is known to produce some top-notch printers. HP always understands its users and create innovative products that will fulfill user requirements. Today we are going through an in-depth HP 310 Vs 315 Vs 319 printer comparison review.

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